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Webinar: How to Get the Best Free eLearning Assets

Picture this:   You're an eLearning developer—this won't be hard to imagine, if you're reading this blog, you probably ARE an eLearning developer—and you need graphics. There's a big training program rollout coming up and you have tons of courses to build for it. You...

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Save $5,000 with the eLB Master Suite

  Do like saving money? And building awesome eLearning training? What about having extra time on your hands? Or perhaps you just think guys with ponytails are really cool? If you answered yes to any of the above, then we have the perfect webinar recording for you! Our...

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Power Up With New PowerPoint Styles

Attention, PowerPoint users. Last week, we released 2 new PowerPoint Template Styles! Each PowerPoint Style features 20 files. For our PowerPoint Styles, we focused on data-driven graphs and charts. Rock those monthly reporting presentations! Check out the infographic...

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2018’s 10 Most Popular PowerPoint Assets (So Far)

Our PowerPoint templates are loved far and wide. It’s true. They are some of the most downloaded templates in our library! In fact, just in 2018 we’ve already had 14,000 downloads from our PowerPoint library alone. So today I want to take a look at the ones that have...

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Webinar: Wait… You Made That in PowerPoint??

Last week we brought Stacey Wilhelmsen, Senior Graphic Designer, and Thomas Reyes-Cairo, Product Production Manager, over from our template development team in a webinar discussing some slick and exciting features in PowerPoint. From using 3D assets to give a more...

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Webinar: Get Dialed In To PowerPoint

In a webinar earlier this week Nic Brown, our Director of Product & Design, walked us through the creation of a slick looking dial in PowerPoint. This kind of a dial can be used in all kinds of PowerPoint applications such as displaying speed, volume, and tension. As...

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Branch Out with 2017’s Top Branching Scenarios

Branching scenarios are an eLearning staple—and for good reason! Scenarios are a great way to allow your learner to take a more active role in the learning. Developing your own branching scenario can feel intimidating if you’re new to eLearning development, and that’s...

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