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Don’t let the “eLearning” in eLearning Brothers fool you.

Although we started this company by developing assets for eLearning courses, our professional custom staff has decades of experience in instructor-led classroom experiences, both through facilitation and design. We love to design instructor-led solutions, whether they stand alone or are part of a blended party package for your learners that includes eLearning, vILT, videos, games, or anything else you can dream up.

It is estimated that less than 50% of corporate learning now takes place through just instructor-led training due to the rise in virtual options—so today, at least half of all corporate training is online, virtual, or blended.

Regardless, whether your need is for an instructor-led program, a virtual program, or a blended program, we can help.

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Case Study

Our client hired us to help—they wanted to improve their sales performance in their organization, but felt their existing materials and methodologies were ineffective for training new salespeople. We provided a total suite of solutions to create a blended, self-led, and manager-supported, new-hire program that they still use with success today. The program also doubles as a resource for ongoing training and performance coaching for existing employees.


Analysis & Competency Maps

We started by helping to define main areas of competency for successful sales people in their organization, based on their best performers. Then, for each of those competencies, we defined a list of observable behaviors that would allow a manager to rate their performance in that competency for above average, average, and below average. This gave new hire something to aim for and existing managers and employees a clear idea of where they stood.


Curriculum Goals Mapping

With the competencies and behaviors at the core of our effort, we then established what the instructional goals and content needed to be in order to enable the best performance possible in each competency. Depending on the behavior and the nature of the learning goal, we then chose blended methodologies that would best support the learning and mastery of those skills.


Blended Formats

We ended up with a program that was a blend of eLearning, guided role plays, discussion groups, and team meetings. There was a team meeting for each of the competencies that would allow the managers to roll out the concept. Then, supporting materials in each of the other formats that managers or employees could choose to utilize in order to improve their skills. In addition to formatting, our solutions had to account for training inside a retail store with little access to technology, and enabling managers to help facilitate learning with no preparation – so, very detailed instructor guides.


Content Gathering

The content for this program was almost non-existent. Using some guiding industry principles and the core competencies as a guide, we proceeded to interview approximately 20 of the organization’s best sales people to come up with a meaningful list of behaviors and best practices that enabled them to achieve the top level of performance for each competency. We then vetted that list with executives to ensure the behavior was indeed a gold standard. This content, with discovered techniques and stories, became the content for the course. The biggest draw for the learner was that the content for their training came from people within their organization and context who had experienced the most success nationwide.

The program was well received by the sales force, and is still in use today—not only for new hires, but to help coach and guide existing sales people as their annual reviews reveal areas of opportunity through the competency maps and assessments.

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