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Rapid Dev

It used to take months of specialized skill and difficult programming know-how to turn out an eLearning course. These days, rapid development tools like Storyline, Captivate, and Lectora have simplified eLearning authoring, making it more accessible to all, and—as their titles promise—a more rapid process from start to finish.

Authoring Experts

Rapid elearning development might be perfect for your project. Do you have a tight budget, need a fast turnaround time, and/or have interest in being able to keep the course updated yourself? If so, you’ve come to the experts.

We’re the company that creates the assets and interactions that most of the industry’s rapid developers are using to create awesome products, so we understand these tools inside and out. We also have a dedicated team of in-house professionals ready to create custom courses to your specifications. Either way, you can’t go wrong when you choose eLearning Brothers.


Faster Turnaround Time


Budget Friendly


Control Over Updates

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Here are examples of rapid development work we’ve done with clients just like you.

Custom Course Levels

Just like Goldilocks needed a bed that was “just right”, we understand that you need rapid products that fit your timeline, project needs, and budget. Our rapid custom courseware has different levels of complexity to accommodate your needs.

Where are you at on your eLearning journey? Let us be your extra pair of hands, whether it’s “taking it from here” or just stepping in to help with the tough spots.

Scoping the Project

You may have a list of requests from your stakeholders, a general idea of budget, and a deadline – but you may also be feeling lost about how to truly get your arms around what it’s going to take to accomplish it, if the budget is sufficient, and how much time it will all truly take. Do you need vendor support? How much might it cost? Could a vendor really help you get results faster? Our Custom Solutions Consultants stand at the ready and would love to talk to you about your project. Using their quick scoping tools, they can help answer these questions and leave you feeling more sure about how to solution and manage your project’s timeline, budget, and staff. If you don’t need us this time, no worries. We’ll be here in the future.

Instructional Design

We have an award-winning team of very creative instructional designers who rock at taking dry, boring content and turning it into deeply immersive, visually explosive learning experiences that make you look like a rockstar to your organization. They specialize in designing effective, engaging eLearning solutions for variety of training needs and formats (eLearning, ILT, viLT, webinar, microlearning, games, etc.). Our team also has experience working in all kinds of subject matter like sales, systems, soft skills, compliance, HR, medical, legal, financial, educational, and so many more. By the time our instructional designers are finished working with your content, you’ll have a fully mocked-up, non-functional prototype course to show your stakeholders. Then, you can either keep the party going with us or your team can build what we’ve designed.

Graphic Design

You probably have a marketing team who has designed some amazing branding guides, websites, and print materials for your company. What you may be missing, though, is a customized solution for what your brand looks like in an eLearning format. Our team helps companies just like yours find their eLearning style: something functional, on-brand, and that caters specifically to your learner’s eLearning needs. We also provide graphic design services that run the gamut from small things like creating professional versions of those out-of-date PowerPoint charts all the way to big things like custom animation and illustration.

eLearning Development

eLearning Development is the very rock upon which eLearning Brothers was founded, and we’re committed to making you look like a rockstar whether you want to develop your own course or choose to have our help. We have a Template Library with thousands of interactions and games that give you a quick shortcuts to finished courses. Or, we can help you to develop your highly customized screens. Either way, we’re the experts in rapid development and we’re here to help. We have a solid team of professionals adept at every rapid tool on the eLearning market today. Not only will we make that course function, we’ll add the artistic detail along the way that helps to elevate it to the professional quality your techno-savvy, media-saturated learner of today expects.

Our Process

The process we use to help you look like a rockstar is well-defined, but also flexible to meet your project needs and blend with your organization’s working style.

1. Vision & Scoping

Together, we’ll develop good definition around what your project needs are, how they’ll deliver value to your business, and how we can help. We’ll agree upon roles, general scope, and pricing that works for your budget.

2. Project Planning

Your assigned project manager will help to make sure all your needs are attended to, and be your representative on the ground level of the eLBC shop. Together, you’ll agree upon a schedule that suits your needs and the project manager will lead your creative and technical teams to help achieve your goals. Don’t worry, they’ll also help you to stay on task and look good!

3. Media Solutions

Before we start, we ensure we’re calibrated with your company’s unique brand and style through an exercise called “Look and Feel.” The outcome will be branded, colorized slides with explosive imagery that set our joint vision for what the final product should look like. Go on, give your marketing team a peek—they’ll love it!

4. Design

As the Swiss army knives of our team, our instructional designers have multiple tools and disciplines they’ll use to take your content from where it is to where it really should be, and create a learning experience that adds value to your business. They can help to close content gaps, partner with your SMEs, and help to craft the kinds of learning experiences, scenarios, and simulations that put your learner in driver’s seat of their performance change.

5. Development

Our developers will take the blueprints laid by the architecting designer and bring them to functional life with artistic flair. They’ll also make sure their work is clean and intelligible on the back end because we’re one of the few shops that sends you the source files so that you can be in control of updates and edits.

6. Quality Assurance

Woven throughout our process, for every deliverable to you, is the magical touch of internal quality assurance. What that means to you is not having to spend your time catching typos and functionality issues, but rather truly reviewing the product for our jointly agreed upon outcomes.

7. Feedback & Calibration

We end every project with the most important question of all: How did we do? Our goal is to be a long-term partner for you; the good friend you can reach out to in a time of need who knows just what to do. To get there, we need your feedback! We want to continuously improve as we build our long term relationship with you.

3,500+ Templates

Let us not forget about our Template Library—the world’s deepest and largest asset library for rapid eLearning development. We’ve built a library with thousands of templates for use by clients all over the world. You’ll find no partner out there who knows these tools better than we do.


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Training / E-Learning

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Instructional Video

2019 Training Magazine Network Choice Awards
Custom Content/Program Development

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Gold in Talent Acquisition

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