I have taught many sessions on Adobe Edge Animate and am often suprised that many attendees are unaware of what it is and how they can use it within their eLearning courses. We are all aware that Apple refused to allow Flash on any iOS device, launching many Flash developers (many of those eLearning developers) into mayhem. I just imagine many developers holding signs on the street saying, “I will code in Flash for food”.

Being a Flash developer myself, I was wondering if I spent years learning a tool that was now obsolete. Flash is still a very useful tool but it seemed like everyone is afraid to even mention Flash. Even with those initial concerns I knew that Adobe would never abandon Flash but perhaps transition it into a different type of tool. We are seeing this currently with the ability to export from Flash to HTML.

During this period Adobe was quick to release an early BETA version of a tool called Adobe Edge (now Edge Animate). I was super excited to try it out and quickly saw that this is Adobes answer to a Flash-like tool with HTML5 output.

So what is Adobe Edge Animate? Adobe Edge Animate, simply put, is a Flash-like tool that only outputs HTML (HTML5). That means anything you create in Edge is viewable by any mobile device. It uses a stage WYSIWYG environment with a library, properties panel, timeline to animate any object on the stage, output is all HTML, no Flash and no required plugin to run.

Edge Animate uses javascript as its coding language and is tightly integrated with jQuery. This means you can use jQuery commands to make calls right within Edge Animate creating highly interactive and custom HTML5 animations.

So what does this mean for eLearning? Well, it means we have another flexible tool to create very custom animations and interactions without being limited by what any eLearning authoring tool can do. You can take the animations and interactions and import them in to your eLearning tool. The good thing about Edge is it is a pretty easy transition for anyone that has ever coded in Flash. That means Flash developers can put down their “I will code in Flash for food” signs and pick up a new skill set with Adobe Edge Animate.

To see a simple sample of what can be done click here. You can download the sample for free from our template library. Sign up for a free account and download the source files.

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