Even though Captivate 2017 has been around for over a year now, there are still many people who are just now discovering it. Last week I held a webinar in which I introduced new users to Captivate 2017 and some of the basic features they could expect to see.

You can find the recording of that webinar here:

During the course of the webinar, a number of questions were asked that we ran out of time to address so I’ve taken the liberty of trying to address them here.

Q: My company distributes PowerPoint decks for branding. Can I Import the deck as a Master Slide?

A: Yes, but…

  • You can only do it in a non-responsive project.
  • You have to first import them as a regular slide, and then you can copy and paste to a Master slide.

Q: Can you save Master Slide sets as templates?

A: Not in the way that you’re probably thinking. I would create the master slides and then save it out as a theme (Themes>Save Theme As).

Q: What is the difference between the Master master, and the master layout slides [Content Masters]?

A: The top-level Master (or as you call it, “Master master”) controls the basic look and feel for each of the Content Masters (also called Layouts) that are beneath it. You can select any of the Content Masters as the layout for individual slides, but the top-level master is not available to select. It just controls the base look and feel of the Content Masters.

Q: Can you create a button within the Master Slide deck, but assign the action on the individual slide?

A: No. The action needs to be assigned on the Master slide OR the button needs to be on the individual slide.

Q: How do I import my own Master template in?

A: From the File menu, select New Project>Project from Template.

Q: Can you import PowerPoint Slides into Captivate?

A: Yes, but only in non-responsive mode. And they come in as images, so no animations or separate objects.

Q: My last two files did not pull the slide names into the TOC. Why might that happen? Do the slides need to be named before turning on the TOC?

A: Not necessarily. There could be a couple reasons for this.

  • The slides might be set to Hidden

  • You might need to Reset the TOC:
    • Select the Project menu.
    • Select Table of Contents (or Shift+F10) to open the Skin Editor.
    • From the Skin Editor, at the bottom of the TOC section, click the Reset TOC icon.

Q: With the actions, is there a way to set actions to be automatic to launch per slide? Like a default slide start action?

A: With the slide selected, you can select an On Enter action from the Actions Tab of the Property Inspector.

This functions basically the same as any other action, it can be an advanced action or a shared action.

Q: I have heard that in previous versions a project should not have more than 100 slides. Is this still true?

A: Perhaps, but I haven’t tested it. I try to keep my slide count to a minimum as I prefer more of a microlearning approach to eLearning.

There is a TON more to learn about Captivate 2017 (check out some of our other blogs and webinars on this subject), but this should give you a good start.