Webinar: Picture Perfect - Improving Graphics Quality in Storyline

Earlier this week we held a webinar discussing how to improve graphics in Storyline. To present on this topic we brought in Alan Marquez, one of our talented Storyline developers. He gave several tips that work in Storyline 3 and 360, but may not work in Storyline 2. Feel free to try them out in Storyline 2 and report back on your results.

In the following webinar recording, you’ll see how to use .emf files to create fully customizable graphics inside of Storyline! We had so many great questions during the webinar that we weren’t able to fit them all in live.  We’re answering one of the top questions here that we didn’t have time for in the webinar. We would never leave you hanging!

Q – Is there other less expensive software that can convert an .EPS vector graphic into an .emf file?

A – We tested three of them: Gimp, Open Office, and Inkscape. All three of these are open source, but unfortunately only Inkscape can export to an .emf. We also found that those exported .emf files didn’t work great in Storyline.

If you’d like to see more of our Storyline templates, check them out here. And come learn even more at eLBX!



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