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TREK makes it easy to manage, track, and measure informal and experiential learning.

And, it does it faster through guided on-the-job learning and technology-supported coaching and feedback.

TREK Learning Experience Manager is an award-winning mobile, SaaS learning management solution.

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Make 70:20:10 Practical

People master new skills through a combination of formal, informal, and experiential learning. Learning management systems, however, are designed to only support formal learning; which, is typically only 10% of the equation.

How do you know if your training is working if you’re not supporting and tracking the informal and experiential learning (the other 90%)?

Introducing TREK Learning Experience Manager

TREK does what traditional learning management systems can’t do: makes it easy to manage, track and measure informal and experiential learning. And TREK does it faster through guided on-the-job learning and technology-supported coaching and feedback.  

Using TREK Can Reduce Time to Proficiency by 30% or More

Research shows that formal training only takes you part of the way to proficiency. The key to getting to proficiency faster? Learning through experience with the right coaching and feedback. TREK makes it easy to track and manage experiential and informal learning in an organized way—through learning paths and a nano-coaching feedback cycle.

How TREK Works

Learning Paths

Using the TREK platform, create your own custom learning paths that cover the entire learning process: formal, informal, and on-the-job.

Nano-Coaching Feedback Cycle

Our proprietary technology enables short bursts of guided action-feedback interactions. Learner uploads evidence of what they did, coach evaluates and provides feedback, learner either moves on or tries again. Learn more about the feedback cycle »

Performance Support & Guidance

It’s a two-way street. Using TREK, you can provide guidance to both the employee and coach so everyone knows what they need to do next.

On-Demand Content

Include links in your learning paths to your company knowledge base or performance support aids. Learners are more motivated to retain the content when they access it at the time of need.

Skills Gap Assessment Tool

You can create learner self-assessment tests in TREK to track learner progress toward organizational and individual coaching goals.

TREK Helps You Get a Handle on the Entire Learning Process

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Take Advantage of the Latest Tech

Mobile Technology

TREK is a responsive web app. TREK utilizes standard mobile technology like GPS and built-in cameras to allow learners to prove they’ve successfully completed a task and move on to the next activity on their learning path.

Tracking Technology (xAPI)

We use xAPI and visual dashboards to provide actionable insights and form a powerful decision support tool.

Admin Toolkit

We make designing optimized learning paths with coaching cycles fast and easy for you. The admin toolkit is also your place to manage users, create modules, set up assessments, and access reports.

Plays Well with Others

TREK fits in with your existing Learning ecosystem. You can integrate TREK with your LMS, HR system, and more to get the most comprehensive look at your entire training program. You can also link to your company knowledge base from TREK.

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What’s the Difference Between TREK and Other Learning Management Options?

TREK Learning Experience Manager creates individualized learning paths supporting a variety of learning techniques including formal, informal, and experiential activities. We use data analytics to track performance and to ensure that your learner is developing the desired skill set or competencies. In addition, TREK pairs each learner with an online coach to observe the individual’s progress and offer feedback and support.

The way you guys approach this from a cognitive and organizational level blows my mind.

Bret Tangley

President, Culligan of Western Wisconsin, Water Quality Association President

The impact on our students is profound. They really feel completely prepared to go in as first year teachers and to be able to say, ‘I know exactly what I want to accomplish with the kids.’

They feel much clearer about what they can do and need to do when they get their own classrooms. What I’m seeing is a broader, deeper understanding of these practices and a confidence.


NLU Professor

The Nano-Coaching Feedback Cycle™

The success of on-the-job learning is dependent on directed task execution and effective, targeted feedback. TREK automates a Nano-Coaching Feedback Cycle™ designed for our mobile-social world, driving employee engagement, collaboration and unmatched speed to job skills proficiency.

TREK does this by:



Executing skill-specific tasks on the job using built-in guidance and resources for optimal results.



Capturing work experiences using features of mobile devices (GPS, camera, audio recorder, observation checklists).



Sharing work products with assigned coaches and peers using email notification and in-dashboard view.



Providing performance support and feedback guidance to assigned coaches.



Tracking and reporting insights that enable accountability and visibility to individual and organizational skills gaps as they close.


Designing successful learning paths is key to significantly improving performance and getting people up to speed fast. Our consulting team is here to help you however you need.


We can help you define competencies and proficiencies and ways to assess them. If you already know what proficiencies you want learners to work toward, you have several options for creating learning paths:

  1. You design the learning paths yourself.
  2. We design the first path with you and you take it from there.
  3. We can do it all.

Content Creation

We can also build any eLearning modules, instructional videos, additional resources, knowledge base, etc. that you want linked from your learning paths.

TREK Setup and Content Input

You can input your instructional content into TREK. If you’re in a time crunch, we can also do this for you!

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