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Customer Testimonials

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Great news on my end, my firm has subscribed to eLearning Brothers and I have already utilized several Storyline interactions and games within a few of the modules I have been working on. It’s really is a great resource, working seamlessly with projects.

Thanks again.

Ryan G.

Instructional Media Specialist

Thank you both very much for resolving this. I am very impressed by your support service, it is prompt and successful every time.



You guys are awesome!!!! Thank you!!!!

Natalie B.

Multimedia Designer

Could not have done it without your resources, I do appreciate it. Happy to give a recommendation any day.

Jorge A.


Thank you SO much. I’m kind of on my own here. That quick tutorial was PERFECT.

Lori T.

Instructional Designer

I wanted to thank you personally for helping me out when I ran into trouble downloading a file from your site a few weeks ago. It’s really helped improve our design in our program.. I’m looking forward to purchasing more from the eLearning Brothers.

Jeff M.

eLearning Consultant

The eLearning Brothers are awesome! I hope to business with you again in the future.

Chris S.

We reallllllly appreciate the support you have given us on this. You guys have awesome support.

Madison W.

eLearning Specialist

I LOVE this service and just purchased an additional license… I’m very happy with the product offerings. It’s really going to save me a lot of development time.

Lori R.

eLearning Developer

I sincerely appreciate your patience and fantastic customer service.

Nancy R.

Project Manager

The people cut outs have been a great hit in our team. They are all trying to pick those who look familiar with our team members!!! Well done on your product!

Ali Z.

eLearning Developer

Out of all the prizes offered at DevLearn, yours was the one that I wanted to win the most. Even more than an ipad.

Becky H.

eLearning Instructional Design Specialist

I’d just like to thank you for you diligence, expertise, and excellent support. I wish more service providers were as engaged.


Graduate Student

That’s seriously good service! Nice one. It gave me the confidence to make the purchase which I did this morning and already downloaded all. Thanks a mil.

Adriano T.

Global Head of Training

Get FREE Templates & Assets

Take it for a test drive! Sign up for our Free Library to get a taste of the awesomeness.

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