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We Build It (Custom Development)

We can help you build awesome eLearning! Bring us your storyboard and we can make it come to life. We can also give your current course a “face-lift”.

Here are questions that you may have for us:

Should we work together?
Answer these questions:

  • Need an online training course developed?
  • Want to create your own storyboard?
  • Need someone to take your storyboard and build an amazing course?

If you answered Yes to the above questions then we’d like to work together. Using our years of interactive flash, eLearning, and graphic design experience, we will bring your storyboard to life.

What’s the Creation Process?
Step 1 – Bring Us Your Storyboard
Go ahead and put your course content/ideas on paper. Break the content into modules, create pages in a logical order, type out the text for each page, write your test questions/answers, and indicate where quizzes, images and activities should be placed. At that point send us a copy.

Step 2 – Brainstorm Together
Using your storyboard as the starting point, we meet and review your vision for the course. Together we can also brainstorm ways to make it even better.


Step 3 – Build Amazing Course
Sit back and relax as we build the course. Along the way well have you do a test drive and make sure that we’re on track.



How much does it cost?
Ok enough of the fluff. Let’s get down to business. How much does it cost to build a course?
As you know each project is unique and requires varying levels development time. We at eLearning Brothers are uniquely positioned to offer fabulous pricing. Here’s why:

  • Sweat Equity – You did some of the work!
    Since you’ve done the upfront analysis and created the storyboards that means you don’t have to pay us to do it for you.
  • Low Overhead – We don’t have a fancy-schmanzy office.
    Our offices (our homes) are big enough for us to fit our computers, internet routers, and doughnuts. We don’t have company cars, maid-service, butlers, satellites, or video games.
  • Super Powers – We are fast and know what we’re doing.
    Multimedia and graphic design are second-nature to us. We create awesome, interactive content in less time than other developers.

Once we discuss your project or look at the storyboards we can quickly provide a quote.

How do I contact you?
Contact Form or call us at 801-796-BROS.

Do you also run eLearningTemplates.com?
Yes. We also create a lot of eLearning templates for corporate developers, eLearning companies, and freelancers. Our templates include games, flash interactions, PowerPoint backgrounds, people cut-outs, and more. View our eLearning Templates.

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