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Template Affiliate Program

 Sell Templates and Make Money!

Start earning money by referring buyers to our e-Learning Templates site. We will give you 5% of all sales that come from a link on your site.

Bonus! We remember buyers that came from your site for 6 months. So even if they don’t buy anything on the first visit, if they come back within 6 months you will still get paid! (a cookie is set on each visitor’s machine) Every product that a buyer purchases during the life of that cookie will earn you a commission, even if they come directly to our site later without clicking through your link again.

We run our affiliate program through a site called e-junkie.com. You will need to create an account with them and obtain a unique link so that we can track all of the sales that come from your site.

Steps to Join

Contact: andrew@eLearningBrothers.com.

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