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So you want to build your own eLearning team…that’s great! We’ve built internal eLearning development teams and know that it’s not an easy task. To be successful, there are many important things to consider:

  • Authoring/design software
  • Hardware challenges
  • Organizational strategies
  • People resources / roles
  • eLearning creation cycle
  • Instructional design process
  • Rapid content creation
  • Content deployment (LMS)
  • and more!

Whether you are looking for a partner or just the inside scoop on getting started, let us help! Here are some great resources to point you in the right direction.

Building Your Team
This article covers the what needs to be considered when building an internal eLearning team.
Design Tools
There are many tools to develop online training content. Here are the ones that we’ve found useful. (some are even free!)
Best Practices
Here’s a list of the things that we’ve learned along the way. Use them if you’d like.

eLearning Templates
Templates are a great way to jump-start a design team. We’ve created a great collection to choose from.

Additional Resources
eLearning Guild
This group is a great resource for articles, research, conferences, and books on every part of eLearning. Some of the information is free and some requires a membership. Check out their free eBooks.

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