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Writing to Get Things Done®

Training Courses Toolkit for Individuals

Train Your Employees On Business Writing Best Practices—Now Available in English and Spanish*

Clear, professional communication is essential for any organization. Help your employees improve their on-the-job writing skills. These courses show how to write clear, easy-to-read emails, letters, meeting minutes, procedures, trip reports, and technical reports. Employees will learn the key elements of business writing, from compelling email subject lines to how to draft opening paragraphs that get attention.

Learn From the Business Writing Experts

In partnership with the Berry Writing Group, the experts on business writing, the Writing to Get Things Done® Toolkit will improve your organization’s productivity by teaching employees how to use writing as a powerful tool for getting things done. Course topics include effective business communication tips, identifying ineffective writing styles, analyzing business writing models, and how to write reports.

Mobile-friendly Training for Busy Employees

Our mobile-friendly, microlearning training courses on business writing can be delivered at any time to any device—desktop, phone, or tablet. Your employees will appreciate the microlearning format and modern design. These easy-to-digest off-the-shelf courses are engaging and informative, with short videos and quizzes.

Download The Entire Catalog

Download our off-the-shelf course catalog to see all the employee toolkits we offer.

*Refer to catalog for courses offered in Spanish.

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