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Workplace Violence: Warning Signs & Prevention

Workplace Violence can strike your workplace through former or current workers, customers, or even seemingly random acts of strangers. This course teaches workers how to recognize and report early warning signs for violent behavior and offers strategies to help prevent violent situations. Workers learn what to do when confronted with an aggressor, and how to manage the consequences of a violent incident.  Easily customize the learning for your specific work conditions, policies, and Emergency Action Plan.

This course bundle includes the following bite-sized, mobile-ready courses:

Workplace Violence: You Need to Know

Define workplace violence, identify the four recognized categories of workplace violence, and explain how experienced or perceived events can motivate workplace violence.

Workplace Violence Warning Signs

Recognize potential workplace violence warning signs.

Workplace Violence Prevention Strategies

Describe employer and worker responsibilities in preventing workplace violence.

Responding to Aggressive Behavior at Work

Describe actions to take if confronted by an aggressive person.

Managing Consequences of a Workplace Violence Incident

Identify actions to take following a workplace violence incident and describe resources to assist workers in recovering from workplace violence.

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