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Hearing Conservation

This safety curriculum is focused on helping your learners conserve their hearing. Learners will understand how dangerous noise works, describe methods to recognize and measure noise levels, understand ear damage and testing, as well as identify steps to protect their hearing.

This course bundle includes the following bite-sized, mobile-ready courses:

Understanding Hearing Loss

Describe noise-induced hearing loss, explain how hearing works, and identify other harmful effects of noise exposure.

Recognize & Measure Noise Hazards

Identify common noise hazards, describe how noise exposure is measured, and summarize hazardous noise exposure levels.

Hearing Conservation Program

Describe general workplace Hearing Conservation Program requirements.

Audiometric Testing for Hearing Conservation

Explain the purpose and process for audiometric testing.

PPE: Intro to Hearing Protection

Describe Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) requirements to conserve and protect your hearing.

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