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Control of Hazardous Energy—Lockout/Tagout

Many accidents can be prevented if energy sources are isolated and locked or tagged out. In this course, you will learn how to identify workplace energy hazards, list safe practices to control hazardous energy, and describe the workplace energy control program.

This course bundle includes the following bite-sized, mobile-ready courses:

How Hazardous Energy Works

Differentiate between potential (stored) and kinetic energy and explain how potential energy can create a hidden hazard.

Types of Hazardous Energy

Identify forms of hazardous energy in the workplace and describe the hazards posed by each energy type.

LOTO Procedure 1: Lockout/Tagout

Describe a basic lockout/tagout procedure and explain Energy Control Procedure requirements.

LOTO Procedure 2: Return to Service

Explain the procedure for returning electrical equipment to service once maintenance is complete.

Workplace Energy Control Program

Describe workplace Energy Control Program (ECP) requirements.

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