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Electrical Safety—Unqualified

This curriculum provides basic electrical safety knowledge for ALL workers who are not qualified to do electrical work but who use electrical tools and appliances, or might be in the vicinity of live electrical work. Your learners will understand how electricity works, recognize workplace electrical hazards, protect yourself from workplace electrical hazards, and know what to do if electric shock occurs.

This course bundle includes the following bite-sized, mobile-ready courses:

Electrical Safety 1: You Need to Know

Compare and contrast static electricity with an electrical current, explain insulators and conductor and describe how an electric current works.

Electrical Safety 2: Workplace Electrical Hazards

Recognize workplace electrical hazards.

Electrical Safety 3: Safe Work Practices

Identify safe work practices for electrical cords and equipment and examine best practices for working with or around electric powered tools.

Electrical Injuries

Describe injuries caused by electric shock or exposure to other electrical hazards.

Electrical Contact Release

Explain the procedure for safe Electrical Contact Release.

First Aid: Electrical Shock

Explain how to provide first aid for an electrical shock victim until help arrives.

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