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totalView™ Behavior Based Interviewing

Training Courses Toolkit for Managers

The Candidate Interview Is Essential to the Hiring Process.

Interviewing is a skill and it takes quality instruction and lots of practice to truly become an expert. These courses will train recruiters and hiring managers in your organization to make great hiring decisions, resulting in top talent at your organization. This toolkit covers everything from interviewing basics to the legal aspects of interviewing and how to evaluate candidate responses.

The Interview Experts

Created in partnership with OMNIview, totalViewTM Toolkit delivers high impact interview training that provides your interviewers with all the tools they need to become interviewing pros. Well-trained interviewers can sell your company to potential candidates, evaluate which candidates are the best fit for your organization, and avoid hiring mistakes.

Mobile-friendly Training for Busy Employees

Our mobile-friendly, microlearning interviewing training courses can be delivered at any time to any device—desktop, phone, or tablet. Your employees will appreciate the microlearning format and modern design. These easy-to-digest off-the-shelf courses are engaging and informative, with short videos and quizzes.

Download The Entire Catalog

Download our off-the-shelf course catalog to see all the manager toolkits we offer.

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