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eLearning Brothers Course Library

Soft Skills & Safety (35 courses)

Soft Skills

15 Courses

Business Ethics

Coaching Others

Communicating Effectively

Conflict Resolution

Creative Problem Solving

Customer Service

Handling a Difficult Customer

Interpersonal Skills

Meeting Management

Negotiation Skills

Presentation Skills

Stress Management

Time Management

Work-Life Balance

Workplace Harassment


20 Courses

Active Shooter Response

Arc Flash Hazard Awareness NFPA 70E

Back Safety & Injury Prevention

Bloodborne & Airborne Pathogens

Control of Hazardous Energy—Lockout/Tagout

Electrical Safety—Unqualified

Fire Prevention and Safety

Forklift Safety

HazCom: Your Right to Understand

Hearing Conservation

Machine Guards

New Worker Safety Orientation

Occupational Heat Exposure

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Respiratory Safety

Safety Attitudes and Actions


Slips, Trips, and Falls

Stairways and Ladders

Workplace Violence: Warning Signs and Prevention

Vado Course Bundle Library

Manager Course Bundles

Building Trust and Respect

5 courses

Supporting Company Values*

Fairness with Others*

Building Trust with Employees*

Trusting Others to Innovate*

Respect Through Resources*

Conflict Management Skills^

8 courses

Helping Employees Manage Conflict*

Help Groups Resolve Conflict*

Conflict Management Expectations*

Create a Conflict Management Culture*

Coaching Employees to Manage Conflict*

Delegating Work

5 courses

Delegating to Others*

Delegating with Clear Expectations*

Getting Buy-In When Delegating*

When Agreements are Broken*

Leadership through Delegation*

Giving Great Feedback

5 courses

Improve the Quality of Feedback You Give*

Employees Monitor Personal Performance*

Acting with Appropriate Speed to Problems*

Employee Reactions to Performance


Teams Monitor Performance*

Leading the Organization Strategy^

8 courses

Integrity Expectations*

How Employees Support Organization Goals*

A Leader’s Thoughts on Strategy*

Connecting Work to Company Objectives*

Meeting Goals and Achieving the Strategy*

Connecting Work Projects to the Vision*

Capture and Share Best Practices*

Trust Others to Drive the Strategy*

Meeting Management

5 courses

Prepare for Any Meeting*

Conduct Effective Meetings*

Be a Significant Meeting Member*

Stay Focused in Meetings*

Meeting Behavior Expectations*

Providing Resources for Success

8 courses

Managing Team Resources*

Required Employee Resources*

One Resource for Success*

Use a Resource Management Agenda Item*

Resources and Customer Needs*

Providing the Right Resources*

Team Resource Needs*

Teams Improve Efficiency of Resources*

Supervision Basics

8 courses

Three Month Work Objectives*

Assist Employees Facing Challenges*

Team and Company Policies*

Know Your Employees*

Know Who’s Really Contributing*

Involving Others in Problem Solving*

Know Your Team’s Experience and


Work-Life Balance for the Team*

Coaching Career Development

6 courses

Employee Career Aspirations*

The Company Career System*

Career Plans for Your Employees*

Finding Employee Development Opportunities*

Building an Employee’s Professional Network*

Career Plans and Employee Expectations*

Creating Great Teamwork

5 courses

Team Norms and Expectations*

Creating a Strong Team Culture*

Working with Others Within the Company*

Project Teams Rely on Each Other*

Involving Others for Great Decisions*

Developing and Coaching Employees^

8 courses

Support Your Team for Performance*

Giving Employee Feedback*

Building Employee Skills*

Skill Development Plan*

Coaching After Mistakes*

Energizing Work*

Support Employee Development*

Improve the Feedback You Give Others*

Increasing Employee Engagement^

8 courses

Supporting Employees*

Connecting Work to the Organization*

Requirements for Success*

Using an Employee’s Best Skills and Abilities*

Team Satisfaction*

Inform and Inspire Your Team*

Work-Life Balance for Each Person*

Appreciating Contribution and Results*

Management Essentials

15 courses

Giving Clear Work Priorities*

What Employees Need*

Reinforce Great Teamwork*

Valuing Employees*

Listening to Others’ Ideas and Opinions*

Problem Solving Expectations*

The Right Workload for Employees*

The Great Things Employees Do*

An Ethics and Integrity Discussion*

Perform a Performance Review*

Creating Challenging Work*

Receive Feedback from Your Employees *

Creating a Great Work Situation*

Evaluating Performance in the Right Way*

Perform a Departure Review*

Onboarding New Employees^**

18 courses

New Hire Expectations of a Manager*

First Weeks’ Deliverables*

Team Members Introduce Themselves*

Great Work Situations for New Hires*

Learning a New Role*

We Wish We Had Known*

Learning from Co-Workers*

Teams Share with New Hires*

New Hires Build New Skills*

Coaching New Hires*

New Hires Get Coaching From Others*

Reconnect Employees to Individual Work*

Feedback for New Hires*

Exploring Professional Development*

New Hires Build a Professional Network*

Feedback from New Hires*

New Hire Performance Review*

Work and Challenges in the Future*

Recognizing Employees

5 courses

Recognize Employees Each and Every Day*

Recognize Accomplishments and Contribution*

Improving How Things Get Done*

Balance Public and Private Recognition*

Find Others to Provide Team Recognition*

Communication Skills for Managers

8 courses

Team Communication Expectations*

Managerial Listening Skills*

Communicate Clear and Concise Messages*

Team Listening*

Right Information at the Right Time*

Communicating with Different Audiences*

Team Communication Feedback*

Communicating Key Messages*

Customer Service Management

8 courses

Shaping the Direction of Customer Service*

Inspiring and Motivating Customer Service Agents*

Giving Feedback to Your Customer Service Agents*

Customer Service Coaching*

Customer Service Quality*

Customer Feedback and Insight*

Onboarding New Customer Service Agents*

Managing Remote Customer Service Teams*

Discussing Total Compensation

5 courses

 Market Range Compensation

Performance and Rewards

Linking Performance and Rewards

Going Above and Beyond

Benefits Discussion

Leadership Essentials^

12 courses

Become a Reliable Leader with Integrity*

Balance Your Leadership and Employee Roles*

Connecting Goals to Vision*

Connecting Team Work to the Strategy*

Align Resources to Strategic Priorities*

Speaking Your Mind*

Innovation Norms and Expectations*

Are Your Actions Consistent with Your Values?*

Keep Your Top Talent*

Increase Employee Innovation*

Responding to Issues and Concerns*

Analyze the Pros and Cons of Key Decisions*

Managing for Success

12 courses

What the Team Loves About the Company*

Building Relationships with Colleagues*

Team Work-Life Balance*

More Than One Solution*

Solving Problems in the Right Way*

Team Integrity*

Speaking Freely with Others*

Soliciting Ideas and Opinions*

Differences Make a Stronger Team*

Understand Customer Needs*

The Importance of Safety*

Create a Safety Culture*

Project Management for Managers

18 courses

Team Involvement in Planning

Brand and Promote Your Project

Project Plan Updates

Planning Tools and Resources

Articulate the Attributes of Your Ideas

Essential Project Plan Components

Status Reporting Expectations

Sharing Essential Project Information

Sharing Problems Right Away

Monitor Project Status

Objectively Evaluate Proposals

Advocate for Interests

Be Open to Different Solutions

Focus on the Issues vs. Individuals

Negotiating with Difficult People

The Likelihood of Project Risk*

Responding to Project Risk*

Minimize the Consequences*

Retaining Your Employees

8 courses

Overall Satisfaction at Work*

Keeping Your Employees*

Decreasing Employee Turnover*

Who Needs Better Work-Life Balance?*

Maximizing Employee Talents*

Creating Work Autonomy*

Compensation Rule of Thumb*

Your Own Requirements to Stay*

Employee Course Bundles

Basic Business Skills

10 courses

Strengthen Job Required Skills*

Know and Meet Customer Needs*

Identify All Outcomes of a Potential Decision*

Ensure Strategy Alignment*

Seeking Out Cutting Edge Ideas*

Organizing Your Workspace*

Resources for Success*

Learn Workplace Technology*

Work Place Rules and Policies*

Understanding Financial Management*

Building Your Leadership Skills

10 courses

Keeping Customers Informed*

Seek Out the Ideas and Opinions of Others*

Show Good Judgment Regarding Creative Ideas*

Integrity Review*

Contributing to the Organization Strategy*

Support the Organization’s Vision and Strategy*

Manage Conflict with Others*

Learn from a Conflict Management Expert*

How Inspiring Are You?*

Be a Powerful and Inspirational Role Model*

Creating Great Work

5 courses

What Excites You at Work?*

Increase the Level of Challenge at Work*

Analyze Key Experiences for Lessons Learned*

Work-Life Balance for You*

The Right Level of Challenge*

Developing for Success

10 courses

Exploring Company Job Opportunities*

Brand and Promote What You Do*

Identify Potential Career Opportunities*

Know Your Skills and Gaps*

Building Skills and Capabilities*

Skill Development Opportunities*

Personal Skill Development Plan*

Increase Your Personal Performance*

Best Professional Organizations for You*

Personal Expectations and Your Workload*

Personal Behaviors and Conduct

7 courses

Manners and Courtesy at Work*

Developing an Attitude to Learn*

Increase Your Objectivity*

Do You Overreact?*

Persevere During Setbacks*

Being Consistent with Company Values*

Don’t Jump to Solutions*

Become a Contributing Project Team Member

9 courses

Performance Measures for Performance

Effective Decision Making

Understand Past Project Issues*

Meeting Customer Needs

Share What You Think is Best

Potential Project Risks*

Navigate within the Organization Structure

Know the Competition

Clear and Concise Emails

Communicating Technical Information

4 courses

Know Your Audience

Simplification Through Visualization

Making It Real

Impactful Presentations

Customer Service Basics

7 courses

Building Customer Rapport*

Listening to Your Customers*

Developing Your Customer Focus*

Customer Service Over the Phone*

Internal Customer Service*

Serving Customers in the Field*

Customer Service Confrontation and Conflict*

Developing Work Relationships

7 courses

Working with a Diverse Team*

Build your Network*

Empathy for Others*

Share Your Knowledge and Expertise*

Recognize Your Peers*

Building Trust with Others*

Balance Conflicting Customer Priorities*

Starting a New Job^**

7 courses

Clear Work Expectations*

Learn about the Company and Customers*

Information for Success*

Making an Impact*

Getting to Know Your Peers*

Six Month Work Priorities*

Current Performance Review*

Building Your Career (S)

8 courses

Potential Career Opportunities*

Company Jobs and Opportunities*

Identify Your Skill Gaps*

Create a Career Plan*

Building Skills for Your Career*

Building a Personal Network*

Branding Yourself*

Reconcile Insufficient Career Opportunities*

Communicating with Others

5 courses

Nonverbal Communication*

Understanding Body Language*

Talk About and Promote the Company Vision*

Create a Vision Branding Statement*

Handling Customer Complaints*

Design Thinking

8 courses

Why Design Thinking?

What Is Design Thinking?

The Design Thinking Process: Empathize

The Design Thinking Process: Define

The Design Thinking Process: Ideate

The Design Thinking Process: Prototype

The Design Thinking Process: Test

Applications of Design Thinking

Increasing Your Contribution at Work

8 courses

Increase Your Personal Success*

Struggling to Meet Commitments*

Increase Your Personal Engagement*

Increase the Quantity of Work*

Stay Productive While Waiting for Answers*

When Are You Most Creative?*

Organizing Information for Productivity*

Creating Accountability for Business Results*

You and Your Boss

5 courses

Feedback for Great Results*

Ask Your Boss for Feedback*

Support the Company Mission and Vision*

Discuss Your Work-Life Balance Needs*

Recognizing Your Boss for Personal Achievements*


This course is approved for 1 hour of PMI PDU credit


This bundle or toolkit is approved for HRCI recertification credit


This bundle or toolkit is approved for SHRM recertification credit


This bundle or toolkit is available in Spanish

Vado HR Compliance Library

HR Compliance Toolkit (11 courses)

Preventing Discrimination & Harassment

Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for Employees (1) (S)

Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for Managers (1) (S)

Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for California/Connecticut Managers (1) (2) (S)
Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for California Employees (S)

Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for New York Employees (S)

Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for New York Managers (S)

Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for Employees – Global Edition

Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for Managers – Global Edition

The Legal Aspects of Interviewing

The Legal Aspects of Interviewing*

The Legal Aspects of Interviewing – City and State*

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption (FCPA)

Code of Conduct Essentials

Data Privacy and Information Security


Bloodborne Pathogens

Bystander Intervention

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

Unconscious Bias

Avoiding Retaliation


This course is approved for 1 hour of PMI PDU credit


This bundle or toolkit is approved for HRCI recertification credit


This bundle or toolkit is approved for SHRM recertification credit


This bundle or toolkit is available in Spanish

(1) The Preventing Discrimination and Harassment courses are available in the following industry versions: Office, Industrial/
Manufacturing, and Hospitality.

(2) Our Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for CA/CT Managers course satisfies the training requirements for both AB 2053 and AB 1825. By assembling a development team of creative professionals with experience in the Fair Employment and Housing Act and Title VII of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, this course not only meets the expectations of the state, but also satisfies the demands of employers and employees.

Griffin Hill Sales System™

1. Leverage the Science of Sales Success

2. Kickstart Your Pipeline

3. Pitch Like a Pro

4. Build Benefits Your Buyers Buy

5. Schedule the Next Event

6. Uncover Needs and Goals Together

7. Sell the Solution

8. Solidify Commitment

9. Close Difficult Deals

10. Identify True Buyer Objections

11. Manage Objections Gracefully

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