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Cybersecurity Awareness

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Courses

Digital threats are multiplying every day. A culture of cybersecurity awareness and comprehensive cybersecurity training will reduce the human risk of falling prey to cyber-attacks. Your employees are your first line of cyber defense. Teach your employees to adopt a security-first mindset with interactive, mobile-friendly cybersecurity awareness training.

Increase Employee Knowledge of Cybersecurity Best Practices

We offer everything from general cybersecurity training to courses on data privacy and secure communication. Your employees will learn the key indicators of phishing scams and ways to mitigate cyber risk. These online cybersecurity awareness courses will increase employee knowledge of cybersecurity best practices and help keep your organization safe from malware, data breaches, and hacks.

Cybersecurity Training is Easy to Deliver to Employees with Our Online Microlearning Format

Bite-sized modules deliver engaging content on information security that’s easy to digest. Your employees can even access their cybersecurity training courses on their phones and tablets. And you can rest easy knowing that those devices—and the company data on them—are now safe in the hands of well-trained employees with a strong foundation in cybersecurity risks and best practices.

Download The Entire Catalog

Download our off-the-shelf course catalog to see all the online Cybersecurity Awareness training courses we offer.

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