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Off-The-Shelf Training

Hundreds of courses ready to deploy.

Quickly implement effective employee training courses with our latest off-the-shelf courses. The new mobile-responsive, microlearning courses, based on the eLearning Brothers Rockstar Learning Model™, propel learners to put their knowledge into action.

So How Does It Work?

No fillers. No fluff. Just the content your learners need. Each microlearning course in the Rockstar Learning Model is mobile-responsive, 508 compliant, and presented in three effective modules and activities:


Learn new concepts on your own in a brief mobile-responsive microlearning course for your smartphone or desktop computer, then pass a brief quiz to complete the lesson.


Put your learning into practice with a hands-on activity. Rehearse activities help you refine and apply what you’ve learned specific to your workplace and role.


Reflect on your learning experience. Create a personal Performance Plan to put your learning to work!

Award-Winning Course Libraries

Voted Top 20 Online Learning Libraries (2017 and 2018)

An Elearning! Magazine Award Winner (2015 – 2018)

Access industry-leading content covering hundreds of topics!

Professional Development & Soft Skills

(398+ Microlearning Courses for Managers & Employees)

Preventing Discrimination & Harassment

(Microlearning Courses Meeting Legal/State Requirements)

Workplace Safety

(110+ Microlearning Courses)

Cybersecurity Awareness

(20 Microlearning Courses)


Griffin Hill Sales System™

(11 Traditional eLearning Courses)

Specialty Courses

A Simple, Affordable Pricing Model

Library access starting at $20/year (per learner). Annual license includes:


Unlimited course library access


Source files for customization


Access to new courses and content


Ability to host on your LMS or ours

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