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Quickly Move From In-Person to Digital Learning

The current disruptions to businesses around the world from COVID-19 have leaders assessing new ways to conduct business in both the short and long term. 

Many of those solutions center on expanding remote communication and development capabilities. And that includes finding new and innovative ways to train employees. 

At eLearning Brothers, we’ve helped thousands of companies in over 100 countries move their corporate learning to effective online and mobile learning.

And we’re ready to help you do the same in 3 ways—Bid it, Buy it, Build it.


Our Corporate Learning Creation team has developed employee training programs across a wide range of industries and topics. Our systematic creation process allows for rapid design, development, and deployment tailored to your specific needs. These programs then become available virtually to all of your employees.

We’ll quickly organize your content and repurpose it to multiple digital formats to roll out to all your employees no matter their location or language.

You can also take advantage of our QuickConvert service that takes your PowerPoint files and converts them into responsive HTML5 presentations for more engaging distance learning.


Another way to rapidly roll out digital learning to your employees is through our Off-the-Shelf Training Courses.

We have a library of 500+ micro learning courses that are mobile-friendly and cover topics from professional soft skills and leadership to workplace safety and cybersecurity. These courses are ready for you to deploy on your learning management system immediately (LMS) or we can host them for you.

We offer free courses on remote work covering topics such as cybersecurity, health and safety, professional development, leadership development, soft skills, and work-from-home hacks. Try them out and see for yourself how quickly you can implement digital training.


We also have an extensive library of learning templates, resources, and games that you can use to create your own training courses. Using our pre-built templates in the major course authoring tools and PowerPoint, you’ll be able to more quickly and easily publish digital learning.

To help companies more quickly adapt to the sudden increase in remote workers and the need for online training, we are now offering  Free Online Training Starter Packs. These packs include everything you need to quickly put together interactive training content that rocks.

With digital learning deployed in your organization, business disruptions such as the current situation can be minimized. Your employees will have access to the knowledge and tools they need to keep growing and helping your business succeed. You could even build your own games quickly with the Training Arcade.

All of these resources are available right now. Here at eLearning Brothers we are at the ready to help your organization meet the learning needs you have right now. We’ve taken care to ensure that our staff is safe, and we are here to help your organization ensure that your staff is safe as well. Reach out to us now to identify how we might help you.

Let’s See What We Can Do for You!

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