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Rock the House with Moodle Templates!

If you are a heavy Moodle LMS user, these templates will save you significant time while you develop the most professional online training possible. We do all of the heavy lifting to help you illustrate your ideas in a visually explosive manner. This collection of Moodle templates will make you look like a true eLearning rock star!

Pricing Packages

eLearning Brothers offer annual subscription packages that include a variety of different libraries.

Template Package
(Annual Subscription | Per Designer)
Package Savings: $349
Includes the following:
Cutout People Library
eLearning Template Library
Developer Package
(Annual Subscription | Per Designer)
Package Savings: $250
Includes the following:
Cutout People Library
eLearning Template Library
Stock Asset Library
Master Package
(Annual Subscription | Per Designer)
Package Savings: $745
Includes the following:
Cutout People Library
eLearning Template Library
Stock Asset Library
PowerPoint Graphic Library
Common Craft Library
Rockstar Package
(Annual Subscription | Per Designer)
Package Savings: $649
Includes the following:
Cutout People Library
eLearning Template Library
Stock Asset Library
PowerPoint Graphic Library
Common Craft Library
Video Training
Professional Membership
1-On-1 Mentoring

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Rockstar Testimonials

We hear from many customers and they all have one thing in common, they love the templates and assets!
When you subscribe to our libraries you become part of the band.

I LOVE this service and just purchased an additional license… I’m very happy with the product offerings. It’s really going to save me a lot of development time. Sister Lori

eLearning Developer

I am writing to let you know how successful I have become at work since becoming a member of your website… I never could have done it without your great website as my resource. Thank you, Thank YOU!!! Sister Judi

Instructional Designer

I’d just like to thank you for your diligence, expertise and excellent support – I wish more service providers were as engaged. Brother Brad


Over 90% of the Fortune 100 US Companies use eLearning Brothers Templates and Assets!

eLearning Template Library


Moodle Templates provide limitless options for presenting great content to your audience. By subscribing to our Template Library, you get access to Moodle template files which enable you to put your best foot forward visually and give you time to work on content and other aspects of eLearning Development. Every time we add new templates and upgrade our collection of templates, you pay nothing.  Upgrades are free!. Learn more


Moodle Templates Save Time

Since we grant access to the Moodle template files, users can quickly and easily customize them. Take a moment to peruse the Template library to look at our industry-best selection of Moodle templates. With relatively few adjustments, you can easily produce a ready-made presentation, or make more involved changes to create a fully custom eLearning course. Any way you slice it, our Moodle template collection will be a great way to quickly and easily up your eLearning game.

Be a Rockstar

We relish in our customers’ eLearning successes. If we can be a part of something that helps you reduce development hours and design things that look amazing, we consider that a winning proposition. When you customize Moodle templates, you can see how we’ve built them, easily access the source files, and repurpose them to make beautiful and effective training for the web.

Look Awesome

Learners seldom realize how many hours and how much effort is expended to create effective eLearning courses. We have done a lot of the hard work by developing an amazing collection of customizable Moodle templates so you can focus on the important stuff.

PowerPoint Scenario Templates

View all templates in this category

PowerPoint Starter Templates

View all templates in this category

PowerPoint Layout Templates

View all templates in this category

PowerPoint Interaction Templates

Coming June 2015

Cutout People Library

Our Moodle templates play incredibly well with our Cutout People Library. By using our cutout people with you end up with a nearly infinite number of presentation template and cutout people combinations. We have over 50,000 cutout people images that can be used in any application or setting: informal or business-related. Check out our cutout people across all categories, business, informal, or cartoonized. Learn more


Save time searching for characters in multiple poses

Find dozens of images of the same character quickly in one place. No need to waste time on stock image sites trying to find the perfect character and hoping that there are multiple poses available.

Give your course personality

Character images add personality to a course. Use cutout people images as course narrators, scenario participants, presenters, and more.

Don't waste time clipping out photos

No need to hassle with a photo editing program and remove a character's backgrounds. Our photos are already clipped out so that you can drop them right into your project and start building awesomeness.

Stock Asset Library

Looking for stock assets to use in your eLearning development? Our quality selection of 100% royalty free assets are perfect for your next project. Learn more



Vector Graphics/Illustrations


Sound Effects


Background Music and Loops




Motion Graphics

Vector Graphics

High quality vector graphics…eps files included!

Infographics | Devices | Arrows | Buttons | Icons | Word Clouds | Social | Media | Search All


Stock photos to use in your internal and external courses. Use them in multiple courses…100% royalty free.

Business | Education | Technology | Financial | Health Care | Engineering | Aviation | Retail | Search All


Bring your courses to life with audio clips. Music, sound effects, and loops.

Sound Effects | Music | Music | Search All


Video rocks! Access video footage and motion graphics. Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion files included!

Apple Motion | After Effects | Flames | Abstract | Time Lapse | Technology | Buildings  Search All

PowerPoint Graphic Library

Access over 9,000 professional PowerPoint graphics. Graphics are 100% editable and can export in nearly any software. Our graphics are unbelievably easy to work with. Learn more

Save development time

Beginners and experts will love our PowerPoint Templates. 1000’s of pre-built graphics, dashboards, charts and diagrams created natively in PowerPoint empower you to modify and tweak however you’d like. Just add your course content and you’re done. You can also dissect it and use individual pieces and parts. Either way you’ll save tons of time.

Communicate your message

Most communication is done nonverbally. eLearning Brothers knows this, and creates the templates that are best able to get the message across.


Find what you need

Since we cater to a wide variety of industries and markets, we create templates in many different categories and styles. We have over 50 categories to choose from!

Common Craft Library

Use our library of over 2000 images and videos to create highly engaging and effective learning.rn more

Save time searching for ideas

With Common Craft, there’s no need to meticulously overthink every project, because that’s already been done. No more pulling your hair out over how to graphically explain a concept. Whatever you need, we’ve got a graphic for that.

Produce quality projects

Our library of videos and cutouts have style and professionalism while maintaining a playful and intimate vibe that learners are sure to love.

Engage your audience

The truth of life is that people often do judge a book by its cover. So why not have the best cover possible? With slick and presentable videos and graphics, your project has more ethos, and the users will know your word is one to be trusted.

Explainer Videos for Teaching

Use our library of amazingly-effective videos to educate others quickly—in classrooms or on the web.

Discussion Forums

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View video

Project Based Learning

View video

Agile Methodology

View video

Augmented Reality

View video


View video


View video


View video


View video


View video


View video


View video

View All

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Image Cut-outs

Our huge library of Cut-outs means you don’t have to create presentation visuals from scratch.

View All

View images

Online Interaction Builder

Access the Interaction Builder online and quickly build games and interactions. Just type in your questions and information and import into your authoring tool. Learn more

Works on Desktop and Mobile Devices

These interactions are great for desktop computers and mobile devices like an iPad! The games can be downloaded in multiple formats: Adobe Flash and HTML 5.

Branded Themes

Choose from tons of pre-designed themes to create a professional brand. You can also mix and match theme elements.


Need a way to make your training course more entertaining? Everyone is always looking for ways to make their eLearning more engaging and interactive. Learning games and interactions are just a couple of many ways to do this.






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