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Learning DevCamp 2016 KeyNote Events

Join us for:

Speaker Topics may include:
-eLearning/mLearning/Webinar Strategy
-eLearning/mLearning/Webinar Tools
-Online Learning Best Practices
-Hands-On Industry Tools & Techniques
-Learning Topics & Issues Focus Groups
-HTML5 & Scripting
-Video Production & Editing
-Scripting & Voiceover
-Instructional Design
- Stories in Learning
- Social Media in Learning
-Understand Learner Needs
-Learning Development on a Budget
-Project Management 
-Learner Evaluation
-Metrics & LMS/LCMS
-Learning ROI
-Learning & Single Source Documentation

Some DevCamp Registration Details:


“I love that this conference is so applicable to what we do every day. I also like that it is small and intimate, and the speakers are so approachable/available.”

“Where to begin? This is truly my favorite conference! I love that it’s hands on, that the topics are directly connected to what I do every day, and that it’s small.”

“The conference was the best “ever”! Thank you for all the planning and dedication to promoting online training design and development. ”

Dear Learning Professional,

We would like to personally invite you to a learning event where professionals, just like yourself, collaborate and learn from each other – Learning DevCamp 2016.

Set at the University of Utah in the Wasatch Mountains, Learning DevCamp 2016 is a learning event dedicated to collaborating with both corporate and public educators on the development of online learning programs and content. The approach is simple. The goal is to present the practical application of both instructional design theory and development tools/techniques through our Standard and hands-on "You Build It" sessions.

Learning DevCamp is being hosted for its 3rd year, and they've invited Dr. Ruth Clark to share Thirty Years of Multimedia Research: Lessons Learned. JD Dillon will also be joining in to discuss Our Blockbuster Moment: Restoring Relevance by Reimagining L&D.

Don't miss the Learning Story Summit from Dr. Ray Jimenez hosted before DevCamp. Discover high-impact story techniques and practices to use in your online courses and content.

Finally, do learner metrics, data, and ROI got you down? Join us for an Evening of xAPI with TorranceLearning, and see how your SCORM and AICC data can be augmented or replaced with xAPI to get the data and analytics you really need.

For more information visit: learningdevcamp.com or contact Jason directly at jason.bickle@learningdevcamp.com.

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