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Our Custom Team is bigger and better than ever! We’ve acquired some of the leading eLearning professionals in the industry to make a rockstar team of over 150. Missed the live unveiling? Check our announcement video from DevLearn.

Gain access to our ever-growing libraries with content created by some of the most talented designers and developers in the industry. Use source files to edit and create courses to fit all your needs.


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Library Subscription Features

Ever-Growing Libraries


Exclusive Content


Unlimited Downloads


Instant Source Files


Free Updates


Step-by-Step Tutorials


We create templates, assets, and resources that help you build better eLearning in a fraction of the time.

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Custom Solutions

We DELIGHT our customers with DEEPLY IMMERSIVE and VISUALLY EXPLOSIVE learning experiences and set the pace for the INNOVATIVE use of learning technology.

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Project Management


Games & Simulations


Rapid Development


Classroom Solutions




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Over 90% of the Fortune 100 US Companies use eLearning Brothers templates!

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