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By now, you’ve used the steps in the Dream tip to identify your one dream.

So what is your one dream? Is it a personal or work-related one? Let’s take a look at how we turn that dream into a goal.

There is no substitute for tried and true fundamentals of clear goal setting, systematic measurement against these goals, and rewards and recognition when goals are achieved.

-Ken Blanchard, author and management expert

First, state your goal out loud. Be as specific as you can. For example, if your goal is getting promoted, state exactly what promotion you’re after: “I will become a senior eLearning developer.”

Next, time your goal. When will you achieve it? State the exact date: “I will become a senior eLearning developer by X date (month/year).”

Now, write your goal just as you’ve stated it. When you put your goal in writing, you make it more memorable by internalizing it (more on writing your goal).

Finally, view your goal. Post your goal where you’ll be sure to view it every day. Make it visible, and look at it regularly and often.

Once you complete these 4 steps, your dream has become a goal…you’re ready to take action to achieve it.

Next, we’ll show you how to put your goal into action with Tip 3.

About the Author – Linda Willis

Linda Willis is the co-founder, operations partner and chief customer relations contact for her performance improvement company, The Willis Organization.

Prior to co-founding The Willis Organization with her business partner and spouse, Peter, she served as Director of ESL instruction and programs for a large multi-ethnic school board. There she was responsible for leading and coordinating board/staff relations, teacher training and student programs for 27 high schools and over 200 elementary schools.

You can reach out to Linda via email: linda@mygoforthegreen.com

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