Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions before you buy?


How do I know the number of users required for my subscription?

Each designer/developer that will be using the templates or stock assets to build content needs to be have a “seat” in the subscription.


Can I sell courses that I have created using your templates?

Yes. You can use our templates to build courses that you sell. You can’t resell our templates as “templates”. They must be populated with content and be integrated into your project.


How much will my subscription cost next year?

The same price as this year.


Is there a limit to the number of users can access our training courses?

Short answer, no.


Do I need to give eLearning Brothers credit when I use templates from the library?

No, but we won’t stop you if you would like to. The Brotherly Love is appreciated.


What payment options are available?

We are flexible. There are several options including all major credit cards, Paypal, we can place phone orders, you can request an invoice, we accept wire payments, or electronic money requests. If you have any other questions about payments, please contact our business development team for details.


Can I download and “stock pile” your templates on my hard drive or shared server?

The library is designed to download templates as you need them. “Stock piling” templates or stock assets is prohibited. We encourage you to download and save templates and images on an as needed basis.


Is there a limit on downloads?

You can download as many templates as you’d like during the year. By default there is a daily limit of 30 downloads which can be reset if necessary.


Do you offer 6-month subscriptions?

We do not, however we feel strongly that you have a great experience with our products. If you have any questions, or require assistance, please reach out to a custom development product specialist to optimize your time during the subscription.


Do you offer special pricing for educational or government institutions?

We offer the same great, low pricing for all customers.


What are your Terms of Use?

When you purchase, your subscription includes a license to use our templates. You can use those templates to build as many training courses as you like. We ask that you download our templates on an “as needed” basis, as “stock piling” templates is prohibited. Please view all of the details on our Terms of Use page.

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