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Asset Library Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the number of users to get with my subscription?

Each designer/developer that will be using any templates and assets to build content needs to be have a “seat” in the subscription.


Can I sell courses that I have created using your templates?

Yes. You can use our templates to build courses that you sell. You can’t resell our templates as “templates.” They must be populated with content and be integrated into your project.


How much will my subscription cost next year?

The same price as this year.


Is there a limit to the number of users that can access our training courses?

Short answer, no. Long answer, give us a call and let’s talk about it!


Do I need to give eLearning Brothers credit when I use templates from the library?

No, but we won’t stop you if you would like to. The Brotherly Love is appreciated.


What payment options are available?

We are flexible. There are several options including all major credit cards, Paypal, we can place phone orders, you can request an invoice, we accept wire payments, or electronic money requests. If you have any other questions about payments, please contact our business development team for details.


How do I reset my password?

Go to the Member Dashboard. You will be taken to a log in screen where you will need to click on the option “Or log in with my email” (screenshot). This will take you to the email login screen where you can then click “Forgot password?” (screenshot). You will then be prompted to enter the email used on your account. Type in your email and click “Send” (screenshot). You should then receive an email with a link to reset your password (screenshot). Type in and confirm your new password and click “Update” (screenshot).

Can I download and “stock pile” your templates on my hard drive or shared server?

The library is designed to download templates as you need them. “Stock piling” templates or stock assets is prohibited. We encourage you to download and save templates and images on an as-needed basis.


Is there a limit on downloads?

You can download as many templates as you’d like during the year. By default, there is a daily limit of 30 downloads which can be reset if necessary.


Do you offer 6-month subscriptions?

We do not. However, we feel strongly that you will have a great experience with our products. If you have any questions, or require assistance, please reach out to a product specialist to optimize your time during the subscription.


Do you offer special pricing for educational or government institutions?

We offer the same great, low pricing for all customers.


What are your Terms of Use?

When you purchase, your subscription includes a license to use our templates. You can use those templates to build as many training courses as you like. We ask that you download our templates on an “as needed” basis, as “stock piling” templates is prohibited. Please view all of the details on our Terms of Use page.


How do I log in?

There are multiple ways to get to the eLearning Brothers Library website where you can log in to access your content:

  1. Go directly to the Library home page and click on the “Login” button at the top right (screenshot).
  2. Visit the Member Dashboard (screenshot) to log into your account. From here you can access and launch each product library from the list of subscriptions in your “Libraries” tab or by using the main navigation across the top (screenshot).
  3. From the eLearning Brothers home page you can click on the “Log In” button at the top right of the page (screenshot). This will take you to the Library home page. Here, you will follow step #1 above.



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xAPI Frequently Asked Questions


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The Training Arcade™ Frequently Asked Questions

Are these games included in my eLearning Brothers templates subscription?

The Training Arcade is a new product offering from our partner The Game Agency. We are excited to be the first company offering subscriptions to this new self-service game platform.


How does it work? Do you send me the source files to customize?

You customize each game with your content, questions, answers, images, and background templates. It’s all done in our the easy-to-use drag and drop online tool (the Training Arcade). You don’t have to download anything!


How much does The Training Arcade Cost?

Check out our Training Arcade page for the latest pricing information or feel free to contact us with questions you may have.


What is the limit on the number of games (or quizzes) or employees per each game?

It’s unlimited! We want everyone to be able to play the awesome games you create. And don’t worry about network bandwidth either—it’s all included.


Can other IDs or managers see the results in the analytics dashboard without being an administrator?

Yes, we’ve created a view-only mode so you can share access to all the assessment data and leaderboards.


How are The Training Arcade games different from others or even the ones in the authoring tool I use?

We’re so excited to be able to offer The Training Arcade to you because we truly believe these games are the best rapidly customizable games on the market. Here are a few reasons why:

The games in The Training Arcade were built first and foremost as really fun, polished, engaging games. They are created by game designers and then infused with a strong educational foundation. In making the games so addicting, we give you the opportunity to work in not just the typical 5 questions in a quiz, but 25, 30, or even 50 questions, allowing you to emphasize high-priority learning objectives.

Games create positive emotional connections. The more positive the learner’s connection with your content is the more open a person’s mind is to learning. Our games give you a way to create that positive bond while saving tons of time in your development. We’re all about the data. Each game captures data that gives you an in-depth assessment of your learners’ knowledge at the individual and group levels. Armed with that knowledge, you can make any adjustments you need to optimize training effectiveness.

You can follow the leaderboard. A leaderboard is automatically built for each game, saving you time. For many learners, seeing how they rank against others in their company will motivate them to go back and try again. Each repeated play reinforces your learning content. No other games on the market combine fun and learning with the assessment tools and competitive leaderboards offered by The Training Arcade to perfectly complement your eLearning courses and enhance overall learning.


Can The Training Arcade be hosted on my servers instead of on the cloud?

We take your data privacy very seriously and host the service on secure Amazon servers with all data encrypted—in transit and at rest. Having The Training Arcade in the cloud allows us to provide everyone with updates to new games, art and sound templates, and—most importantly—security and system updates. These are more difficult to maintain when the service is taken off the main programming branch. If your company requires, we do have the ability to create an entire instance of The Training Arcade and put it on your servers. Please contact us for a custom quote to self-host The Training Arcade.


Is The Training Arcade SCORM-compliant? Can the arcade integrate with my LMS?

Yes! You can export a SCORM package for each game from the CMS for easy upload to your LMS.


Can the games be played offline?

No, the entire Training Arcade is a web-based system and needs to be connected online for the data to flow from the games you created to your learners.


Can I sell the individual games I create or include them in courses that I then sell?

No, you can only publish games as a part of an internal training program or for a client using it for a specific training program.


How do I access The Training Arcade? Is it through eLearning Brothers or directly with them?

Through our partnership with The Game Agency, we’ve created a single sign-on service which enables you to access The Training Arcade directly through the eLearning Brothers platform.


Can the leaderboards be reset?

Technically, yes; but, requires a manual process and can be done for an additional fee. The best option is to use the date range feature so you can see the leaderboard just from the day or week you’re trying to see.


Can the analytics reflect leaderboards for separate groups in the same company?

Not currently. We can do this, but an additional cost will be involved.


Can point values for different types of questions be adjusted?

In Jeopardy and Scenarios yes. Point values don’t exist in the other games.

Can I download the data from each game to a spreadsheet?

Yes, you can download the assessment data using date ranges from your analytics dashboard to a .csv file and easily import that into Excel.


Do I get to keep the games forever like I do the templates I download?

During your subscription term you will have access to:

  • The game authoring tool
  • All games that you create
  • The analytics dashboard with the individual and group assessments
  • Leaderboards

If you do not keep your subscription live, then you’ll lose the ability to edit the games and view analytics and leaderboard information. The games will remain live however.


Do I get access to all the games in The Training Arcade with my subscription?

Each subscription has a yearly license fee for one of the game types (ex. Jump, Match, Scramble, etc) per creator. Each game type license allows you to create unlimited games of that game type, all with different content. So if you buy a yearly license of the Jump game for your lead developer, he or she can create as many Jump games with different questions as he or she wants. And your whole company can play all those Jump games as often as they want!


Is it only one creator per subscription? Why only one?

Yes, it’s one. That way, all the games created by that person and the assessments are kept confidential to that one person, who we call the Administrator. We do offer great discounts for companies that purchase multiple subscriptions. Contact us for a custom quote.


How many game types are there in The Training Arcade and are you adding more soon?

We have many different game types and the list keeps growing! Check out our Training Arcade page for more information.


Is The Training Arcade xAPI-compliant?

Not yet, but we are definitely heading in that direction in 2018.


What devices can my learners use to play these games?

The games work on desktop and laptop PCs and Macs running the latest browsers and on most tablets and phones. We work hard to make the games responsive to different screen sizes but naturally some games lend themselves better to different viewing formats. The game authoring tool and analytics dashboard are best used on desktops and laptops.


Is there a trial subscription to the service?

There’s no trial, but we are happy to give you a demo and send you some sample games to play. The sample games have general training related questions and answers in them which will give you a good feel for the potential of using the games with your own content. Contact us to set up a personal demo.


What kind of support comes with the subscription?

If you’re having any trouble with the single sign-on to The Training Arcade, please reach out to your eLearning Brothers support person. If you’re having an issue with The Training Arcade, you can contact The Game Agency via email at support@thegameagency.com. In addition to unlimited email support weekdays from 9am – 5pm Eastern time, The Game Agency has created videos and FAQs on how to use the game authoring tool and they will be conducting regular webinars to help subscribers get the most out of The Training Arcade.


Who do I pay for the subscription?

Your subscription is paid through eLearning Brothers.


Is it possible to purchase a license to have in perpetuity? If so, what is the cost?

Since the Training Arcade games are web-based games hosted by The Game Agency (TGA), we can’t do perpetual licensing. Outside of The Training Arcade, however, TGA can work with you on creating a custom deal where you can host the game yourself.


If the game is played within a course, will the course recognize the user based on their LMS login?

The short answer is no. Instead, when a game is embedded as a web object in a course, you would want to enable registration in The Training Arcade game builder so your users can quickly register at the start of the game. We are working on single sign on which would handle registration automatically.


How do the games work with Adobe Connect if at all?

Games have been used before during Adobe Connect sessions. The game link is simply provided to the attendees during the conference. They can open the link to play the game, and the administer shows the leaderboard on the web conference as results stream in. We are looking at further embedding into Adobe products, but that’s what we have right now.


Can Jeopardy be played live and competitively against other players?

Currently it’s played solo, but we’re working to make it multi-player I believe.


What is TTA security environment like?

Our system is being used by 75+ global companies including high-compliance industries like pharma and financial. We conduct dynamic and static scans of our code and environments as well as third party penetration testing on a regular basis to make sure high level security is always maintained.

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Customizable Courseware Frequently Asked Questions

How does licensing work?

Customers get a lifetime license to use the content internally as they see fit. They can add to, remove from, and create derivatives of the content.


What formats are the courses available in?
  1. Online course content: Storyline (.story), Lectora (.awt), and Captivate (.cptx)
  2. Classroom course content: PowerPoint and Word


What versions of Captivate, Storyline and Lectora were used when creating Customizable Courseware?

The Professional Soft Skill Library was built in: Captivate 9, Lectora Inspire 16, and Storyline 2.

The Griffin Hill Sales system was built in: Captivate 9, Lectora Inspire 17, and Storyline 3.


Will this courseware work with my LMS?

Yes. Each course can be exported to a SCORM compatible format to work with any SCORM-compliant LMS.


Will you be making any changes to the courses as time goes on? Are they included in my license?

Yes. We will update the courses over time. Updates may include new course content, updated courses for new authoring tool versions, bug fixes, visual updates, etc. You get all updates that are released during your paid licensing term.


Can I resell these courses? What if I change them first?

No. If you’d like to be a reseller, please contact us.


What languages are available? Do additional languages come with my license?

New languages will be added over time and are available at an additional cost. Please refer to our website for available languages. Contact us if you are interested in a language not currently available.


What files come with each course?

When you purchase a course you get all files that have been created for that course and others that are released in the future. (In the same language that you purchased.) Courses can include Storyline (.story), Lectora (.awt), Captivate (.cptx), and classroom course content. Not all courses included all of these files. View our course catalog to see which files are included in each course.


How do I load a course into my LMS? And which file(s) do I download?

You can publish files from your authoring tool with the settings needed for your LMS. We also include published files in each course download for SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and xAPI (TinCan).


Can I preview the content?

Yes. The Professional Soft Skills courses can be previewed here. The Griffin Hill Sales System can be previewed here. You can also contact us for a demo of specific course titles.


What stage sizes are the eLearning courses?

Each tool’s desktop stage size is as follows. Captivate: 1024 x 732px. Lectora: 1009 x 695px. Storyline uses two different sizes: 720 x 645px (Professional Soft Skills) and 1024 x 681px (everything else). Captivate and Lectora have both been developed using responsive design and are mobile ready.


Do you offer an LMS if we don’t have one?

No, but we have various partners who have tested our courses to ensure they run properly in their LMS. Please contact us and we can share some options.


How do I download the files?

Once you purchase a license, you will be given access to preview and download them from our Customizable Courseware library.


Where can I find the licensing agreement?

You can find it here: Customizable Courseware™ License Agreement


Do I need a separate contract to purchase a Customizable Courseware License?

No. The Customizable Courseware™ License Agreement covers all the terms needed for your license.


How many people in my organization can take the courses?

Unlimited users within your company can take the course.


Will eLearning Brothers print the classroom material for me?

We are looking into this option for the future, but have no further information to share at this time.


I don’t have a team. Can eLearning Brothers do the customization for me?

Yes, eLearning Brothers will be happy to customize them for you. Contact us for pricing.


Are the courses compatible with all the other amazing eLearning Brothers templates?

Yes! The best bang for your buck is getting a Customizable Courseware™ library with a template subscription to be able to enhance your courses even further.


Do I have to buy the full library or can I buy an individual course?

You can purchase either a single course or the full library. Courses also come included in the eLearning Brothers Master Suite.

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