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Best in Class eLearning Templates

eLearning software has changed the world for good. If you need games or layout templates to produce eLearning masterpieces for the tools below, we’ve got your back. For presentation software power-users, we have 1,000,000+ graphics to choose from so you can avoid being boring.

Adobe Captivate templates for the win!

eLearning professionals benefit greatly from using our fully customizable Adobe Captivate templates when they create eLearning masterpieces that are engaging, intuitive, and visually explosive! Our Captivate templates will save you a ton of time and money while making you look like a winner.

Up your game with Articulate Storyline templates!

Use our fully customizable Articulate Storyline templates to create awesome eLearning courses that are easy to use, interactive, and visually inspiring. Our templates will help you save development time and money while helping you achieve eLearning victory!

Score big time when you download our Lectora templates!

Lectora pros can use our fully editable and customizable templates to create and develop eLearning courses that are effective, illustrative, and built for winning. Our Lectora templates will save you a ton of time and money while helping your organization look like a million bucks!

Make your point with PowerPoint templates!

eLearning Designers can use our fully customizable PowerPoint themes and templates to create and develop presentations or eLearning that are next-level! Our PowerPoint slide packs and tools will save you a ton of time and money while making you look like a genius – literally a genius.

Dominate your presentation game with iSpring templates!

With iSpring, eLearning Professionals and PowerPoint users alike can dominate with our tools that enable quick-turn development for the most professional online training possible. This collection of themes and layouts will save you a ton of time and help you look brilliant while doing it!

You've got a winner with these Camtasia templates!

eLearning professionals can use our Camtasia eLearning templates to spruce up their eLearning courses and make them engaging and entertaining. Pick from any of our Camtasia overlays, course starters, scenarios, or cutout frames. Your eLearning will look great, and you’ll look like a champ in the process!

Start using Articulate Presenter templates today!

Showcase your eLearning and presentation skills with our Articulate Presenter themes and graphic assets. When you put them to use properly, you’ll look like a billion bucks. It doesn’t take much to make your eLearning courses and other content more than memorable.

Share your genius with Adobe Presenter templates today!

If you love Adobe Presenter, you can build world-class slides and save significant time while you create the most professional training possible. As a subscriber, all you need to do is focus on content so you can illustrate like an expert. These Adobe Presenter assets will make you look like a pro!

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