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Become an eLearning Rockstar!

Use our eLearning assets to create awesome courses that are engaging, interactive, and visually inspiring! We can help you save development time and money while making you an eLearning ROCKSTAR!

Template Library

The eLearning Template Library has tons of interactive templates that are built for some of the most popular eLearning applications. Many of the templates are built directly in the applications you use and include our source files.
3,500+ Library Assets


Everything you need to get going.


Give your content variety.

Games & Quizzes

Add the elements of fun and competition.


Role-playing never looked so good.


Engage learners with activities.

Navigation Players

Wrap your course in a new look.

Cutout People Library

Access over 100,000 cutout character images with multiple poses, emotions, and props. Each of our cutout images comes with a transparent background and multiple size options. Just drag and drop them into your project and you’re ready to go!
100,000+ Character Images

Clipped Out

Place images on any background or scene.

Multiple Poses

Each model has 50 – 200 different stances.

Advanced Search

Filter searches by keywords and categories.

Conversation Ready

Find multiple gestures and emotions.

International Models

Create eLearning with authentic characters.

Different Resolutions

Download the right size for your projects.

Stock Asset Library

We have over 2,000,000 stock image, audio, and video assets ready at your disposal. Our selection of 100% royalty-free assets are perfect for your next eLearning project.
2,000,000+ Stock Assets

Vectors & Illustrations

Resize and reshape illustration files.


Use backgrounds, lifestyle shots, and more.

Background Music & Loops

Find the perfect tunes for your course.

Sound FX

Boom, crash, bang, and more.


Get high-quality footage with no hassle.

Motion Graphics

Customize After Effects files.

PowerPoint Graphic Library

Explore over 9,000 professionally-designed graphics created directly in PowerPoint. Our graphics are unbelievably easy to use and can export into nearly any eLearning software.
9,000+ Editable Graphics

Visual Communication

Share brilliant ideas with fewer words.

Save Time

Graphics are import ready.


Experience or create graphics in motion.

Data Driven

Integrate data into tables, charts, & graphs.

100% Editable

Customize assets on the fly.


Export to use in almost anything.

The Training Arcade™

The Training Arcade is a library of fun, casual games that can be rapidly customized with your content to reinforce educational material, assess knowledge retention, measure overall teaching effectiveness, and improve learning outcomes.

Play. Learn. Repeat.


Library of Games

Choose from our growing library of fun games.


Online Editor

No programing skills are necessary.


Leaderboards and Analytics

Learners compete for the high score and improve their knowledge.

Medical Images Library

We know it can be difficult to find high-quality medical stock. These professionally-designed images are crafted from 3D renderings and are great for nearly every medical industry: hospitals, pharmaceuticals, clinics, and more.

Professional 3D Renderings

Body Systems & Anatomy Images

Multiple views and angles of internal organs/systems.

Bone Images

Multiple views and angles of bones.


Explore various hospital environments.

Organ Images

Multiple views and angles of internal organs.

Common Craft Library

Use this library of over 2,000 images and videos to create highly engaging and effective learning. All of these assets are created in a unique hand-drawn style.
2,000+ Images & Videos

Over 80 Explainer Videos

Effective videos to educate quickly.

Over 2,000 Image Cutouts

Cutout images to create visual presentations.

Online Interaction Builder

Access the Interaction Builder online and quickly build games and interactions. Just type in your questions and information and import into your authoring tool.

100+ Interactions

Works on Desktop and Mobile Devices

These interactions are great for desktop computers and mobile devices like an iPad! The games can be downloaded in multiple formats: Adobe Flash and HTML 5.

Branded Themes

Choose from tons of pre-designed themes to create a professional brand. You can also mix and match theme elements.

Live Online Training

Get ready for live online training led by field experts from our training partners. These interactive and engaging courses will take your eLearning skills to the next level as you work in real-time to complete activities from world-class instructors. And the best part? No travel required!

World-Class Instructors


Connect anywhere via the internet.


Skills and drills course materials provided.

Real-Time Learning

Classes are engaging and interactive.


Choose from multiple course topics.

Professionals & SMEs

Get training from industry experts.


We offer both online and on-site courses.

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