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The best eLearning starts with careful strategic planning—and the best course authoring tool too. To help make a tough decision easier, this eBook guides you through critical questions to help you prioritize what matters most to you. From checklists to feature comparisons of major authoring tools, this free eBook will help you land a course authoring product that fits like a glove.

An effective onboarding process boosts productivity, engagement, and retention. When it comes to virtual onboarding, communication and face-to-face interactions with your remote employees are more important than ever.

Download this checklist and eBook to learn the 4 pillars of onboarding and key topic areas to cover, plus get a sample template of a virtual onboarding program, loosely based around a 30-60-90 day structure.

No one sets out to purposely create barriers to learning, but we all see the world through our own lens. While creating Section 508 and WCAG compliant content is an important first step, inclusive design must consider the full range of human diversity to ensure no one gets left behind. By implementing these 5 key design strategies, you’ll be surprised by what you may find!

Creating rockstar learning is an art and a science. By incorporating the right elements, and avoiding hazardous ones, you can create engaging and effective learning experiences. Download this infographic to learn more about each instructional design element.

Speed up your training development and produce higher-quality content! This checklist breaks down the elements of digital training creation into 7 categories and outlines all the details you’ll want to plan for, and then double-check at the end of an eLearning project. Zip file includes full-color PDF and printer-friendly version.

Ready to write eLearning content that doesn’t put your learners to sleep?

Download this eBook to learn what “instructional design speak” is, how to avoid it, and ways to write content that will engage, not bore, your learners.

Ready to create rockstar eLearning designs?

Download this eBook to learn how to create professional-looking and visually pleasing eLearning content.

Topics Include:

  • Different typefaces
  • Visual hierarchies
  • Spacing
  • And more!

Use this easy blueprinting outline to gather your information together before you begin development. You’ll be able to stay organized and speed up your development time!

Ready to find the custom development vendor that fits your needs and budget?

Download this checklist to learn 5 questions to ask potential vendors. Their answers to these questions will let you know if they’re a good fit for your project, and for future partnerships.

It’s time to rock your project management.

Download this guide to learn 7 key elements that will help you develop training projects more efficiently and halt change of scope requests in their tracks.

Includes a full-color PDF and printer-friendly version.

Human resources managers are in charge of an organization’s most important resources—the workforce. Offering the right training at the right time is key to maintaining a workplace where employees feel comfortable and inspired to do their best work. 

Download this eBook to see the 10 must-have HR training courses you should be delivering now.

Ready to take your employee retention to the next level?

Download this eBook to learn how including training at 6 key stages of the employee life cycle can help you retain your employees and transform them into rockstar performers.

We host weekly webinars covering topics ranging from product demos, to tips and tricks for eLearning tools, to special guest presentations from industry thought leaders.

Check out our webinar and events calendar to see what we’ve got coming up.

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