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eLearning Interaction Templates

Games, interactions, scenarios and more! This is the perfect way to kick-start your eLearning course development and be an eLearning Rockstar!

Game Templates

Energize your courses with games! Games add an element of fun and competition. Grab a game template and start having fun today.

Adobe Captivate Games | Articulate Storyline Games | Lectora Games | Adobe Flash Games | Adobe Edge Animate Games | XML Games

Scenario Templates

Quickly create engaging conversations and scenario dialogs with scenario templates, rather than static pages from the past. It’s a great way to put your learner “into” the course and simulate real-life situations.

Adobe Captivate Scenarios | Articulate Storyline Scenarios | Lectora Scenarios | PowerPoint Scenarios

Navigation Player Templates

Wrap your course in a professionally branded look and feel. Custom Player Skins are a great way to create a unique look. Turn your courses into YOUR courses.
Adobe Captivate Players | Articulate Storyline Players | Lectora Players | Articulate Presenter Players

Layout Templates

Focus on what is really important – The Learning. Let us focus on the design and layout. The layout templates offer lots of options for presenting your content.
Adobe Captivate Layouts | Articulate Storyline Layouts | Lectora Layouts | PowerPoint Layouts

Interaction Templates

Create interactive and engaging courses that your learners will remember. Grab our quiz or interaction templates and be up and running in minutes.
Adobe Captivate Interactions | Articulate Storyline Interactions | Lectora Interactions

Start Downloading Today

Select a package and start using eLearning templates today!

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