Week 5: Mar 25  – Mar 29

Create Training Content Lightning Fast With Pre-Built Assets

Your coworkers might start calling you “the Flash” when they see how quickly you can develop courses after this week. It’s up to you whether or not you tell them your secret weapons—stock assets, cutout characters, pre-built scenarios, and more. Learn how to make the most of these resources AND how to take your scenarios to the next level by adding a more human element to your eLearning writing.

Monday, March 25
What can the eLearning Brothers Asset Library Do for You?

Discover 3 different ways the libraries can help you become an eLearning Rockstar. Whether you’re a beginner developer or an experienced ID, the eLearning Brothers libraries can help you create and build content faster and more efficiently.

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Tuesday, March 26
How and When to Use eLearning Assets

With millions of assets to choose from, getting started with the eLearning Brothers Library can be a bit overwhelming. In this webinar, Andrew Vass will discuss best practices that can help you more efficiently find the assets you’re looking for, edit them to fit your needs, and incorporate them in your training to take it to the next level.

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Wednesday, March 27
Using Characters and Scenarios in eLearning

A well-written scenario makes learning personal by inviting your learners to practice real-world challenges and apply what they’ve learned in a safe environment. In this webinar, join eLearning Brothers Senior Product Manager Chris Willis to learn seven rules for bringing characters and conversations to life in effective training scenarios. You’ll walk away with tips and tricks you can use with our new Conversation Starter templates, or developing your own scenarios from scratch.

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Thursday, March 28
Adding the Human Element to eLearning

As instructional designers, we talk a lot about adding the “human element” to our training, but what does it really mean? Is it more than just having an image of our narrator on the screen? Yes, it is! There’s a lot more to the human element than you might think. In this webinar Dr. David Christiansen will go through some sample courses that don’t quite implement the human element and discuss ways to effectively include it. We’ll discuss your ideas, and share six approaches to “humanize” our training–so it’ll be a very collaborative approach.

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Friday, March 29
How One Company Cut Their Development Time in Half with eLearning Brothers

Drew Norton, Sales Manager, is here to share with you the time-saving secrets his clients use to speed up their eLearning development. Discover tips to using eLearning Brothers Assets for maximum efficiency and see examples of our templates and graphics used in the real-world.

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