Week 1: Feb 25  – Mar 1

Improve Your Instructional Design

We’re kicking off eLBX Online with the foundation of good eLearning—instructional design. Learn the elements of good instructional design and how you can quickly create well-designed eLearning with eLearning Brothers Course Starters. We’ll cover both hands-on tips and strategies for talking to stakeholders about the return on investment of good instructional design and benefits of templates.

Monday, February 25
Design Thinking Meets Instructional Design

What does designing a new eLearning course have in common with a startup business venture? For one thing, in order to delight and engage end users, both Instructional Designers and Product Designers must develop empathy and deep understanding to best help users perform the job they need to accomplish.

In this webinar, join eLearning Brothers Senior Product Manager Chris Willis to learn how the five-stage Design Thinking model can help you engage target learners and SMEs. See how approaching eLearning course design with an entrepreneurial mindset can help you design a more engaging and effective eLearning course.

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Tuesday, February 26
Streamline Your Storyboards

Authoring an eLearning storyboard can be fun and exciting—that is until deadline pressure threatens to drown out all your creative energy! Don’t give up; we’re about to throw you a lifeline. In this webinar, eLearning Brothers resident usability expert Josh Bleggi will introduce you to the systematic approach to storyboard creation we use here at eLearning Brothers for producing our Customizable Courseware. Josh will show you how you can use this process to dramatically speed up your own storyboard creation, and keep your creative focus where it belongs—on authoring effective and engaging eLearning.

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Wednesday, February 27
Getting Started: Creating Training with Course Starters

Time is the most valuable resource when building online training. Why waste it creating a course from scratch when you can get a head start with a course starter? In this webinar, Andrew Vass will break down the time-saving elements of course starters using Articulate Storyline 3. He will show how they can be combined and modified to create cohesive training courses that will engage your learners and fit the needs of your organization.

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Thursday, February 28
Turning It Up: Taking Course Starters to the Next Level

With eLearning Brothers course starters, the sky is the limit. In this webinar, Andrew Vass will walk through how the templates found in course starters can be modified to take courses built in Articulate Storyline 3 to the next level and how you can impress your learners by implementing some of the most sought-after eLearning elements and features.

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Friday, March 1
Boost Your Training ROI with Course Starters

eLearning Course Starters, Games, Customizable Courseware … when budgets are tight, how do you convince business leaders to fund all the eLearning goodies on your wish list? To make a compelling case, business-savvy training professionals use ROI–Return On Investment–to justify the business value of budget requests.

In this webinar, Nic Brown and Chris Willis from the eLearning Brothers Product Team will teach you how to speak ROI, the language of business. They’ll give you examples showing how you can maximize your budget and extend your resources using eLearning Brothers Course Starters so you can use to build a strong case in favor of purchasing the resources you need to be an eLearning Rockstar!

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