Week 3: Mar 11  – Mar 15

Engage Learners With Games, Gamification, and Quizzes

This week will show you the benefits of game-based learning and then teach you how to build awesome, engaging games! We’ll cover everything from best practices to actually building an advanced game in Articulate Storyline. Special guests include Stephen Baer, Managing Partner and Head of Creative Strategy & Innovation at The Game Agency.

Monday, March 11
Why Gamify Your Learning

Are you looking to engage your learners and encourage them to embrace your training material on a deeper level? Do you want them to lean in until they know you content as well as you do? If so, game-based is the answer. This webinar will showcase best practices in using games to enhance your training and improve your results.

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Tuesday, March 12
Game-Based Design

What’s the difference between games, gamification, and quizzes? (Especially things people call games that are really just glorified quizzes!) Furthermore, how can they be used to build engagement and increase transfer of learning? Join us as we host Misty Harding, expert Instructional Designer, in a discussion of the instructional design mechanics of games and gamification, how they differ from quizzes, and explore examples of things from our courses that can help to inspire you for your own.

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Wednesday, March 13
Best Practices in Gamification

Gamification can take many forms, but following some key best practices can help you ensure success no matter what sort of game you’re developing! In this session, Jeff Batt, Learning Dojo Founder will walk you through how to get started building gamification into your learning. He’ll cover best practices including game theming, dissecting parts of a game, structuring your game for best optimization, keeping your game theme consistent, adding complexity to your games with variables, and key things you need to keep in mind when developing your game.

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Thursday, March 14
Building an Advanced Game in Storyline

In this webinar, we’ll take a look at some of the current industry thinking about gamification, and discuss the elements that make a real game engaging and effective. Then we’ll share some practical tricks for creating cool effects and behaviors that you can use to create your own advanced game in Storyline.

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Friday, March 15
The ROI of Gamification

There’s a lot of buzz about game-based learning. But what exactly is it and why are companies doing it? In this webinar, we will present a variety of game-based training case studies, identifying the goals, the creative and the ROI.

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