Week 6: Apr 1  – 5

Designing for Accessibility and Interactivity in eLearning

Whether your eLearning is required to be Section 508-compliant or you just want your content to be more interactive, but still accessible for all learners, this week has something for you. You’ll learn what 508-compliance means, steps you can take to make a pre-built design more accessible, and unique ways to add interactivity to your courses.

Monday, April 1
A Beginner’s Guide to 508 Compliance

This session will compare and contrast the goals and results of designing and developing eLearning for usability versus accessibility. With guest Laura Silver, Chief Operating Officer at Trivantis, we’ll look at some use cases that highlight the business case for accessible design, and dig into the basics of Accessibility, Section 508, and WCAG. You’ll learn how and when when accessibility can lead to improved usability with concrete examples and approaches to implement in your eLearning development.

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Tuesday, April 2
How to Design Accessible eLearning

Are you committed to delivering accessible eLearning, but not sure where or how to start? This webinar will walk you though the essentials of designing accessible courses including:

• Who is your audience?
• What does “accessible” mean to your organization or client?
• Navigation considerations
• What is alt text and how should you use it?
• Should you use images and when?
• Transcripts and closed captioning

We’ll also show examples of accessible courses we’ve designed for our clients to show how these elements all work together. Just because a course is accessible, doesn’t mean it has to boring. In this session, we’ll show you how to design exciting and accessible eLearning.

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Wednesday, April 3
How to Develop Accessible eLearning

This webinar will walk you through a needs-based assessment which will help you be prepared to deliver your online content at the appropriate level of accessibility. We will also cover considerations for planning your stages of development as well as suggest free tools that can be used to help you test your content.

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Thursday, April 4
Unique Ways to Create Interactivity in Storyline

Storyline is awesome at-a-glance. But if you get a little creative with how you approach development, it can be a real powerhouse of a tool. In this webinar, we’ll look at a few unique ways to add interactivity, effects, and behaviors to your Storyline course.

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Friday, April 5
An eLearning Interactivity Showcase

Looking for ideas to make your eLearning more interactive and engaging? Come see examples from the eLearning Brothers custom team in this Interactivity Showcase! We’ll show you snippets from various courses that illustrate how you can take standard, dry, boring content and make it come to life for your learner.

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