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8:00 AM Registration

Come get signed in.


9:00 AM Main Session

Andrew Scivally (Co-Founder) and Curtis Morley (President) get the party started.

Michael Allen

More Than Common Sense: The Science of How People Learn

Sean Bott

Your Personal Playground

Becky Willis

Upskilling to Meet Today’s Needs

Karl Kapp

Games, Gamification and Game-Thinking: Making a Impact with Learners





Make the Mundane Amazing

Angel Green


Scott Baird



12:00 PM Lunch & Networking

Eat some good food, meet some good people.


AFTERNOON Breakout Sessions

1:00 PM


BUSINESS SOLUTIONS TRACK  |  Todd Cummings & Rich Vass

Is Your Learning Team a Must or a Bust?

Todd and Rich are the co-founders of the eLearning Brothers Custom team, and they have deep experience in building both internal and external learning teams. There’s a big difference between strategy and execution when it comes to bringing together skill sets like graphic design, instructional design, project management, development, etc. In this session you will explore key elements required for any successful learning team and how to apply them when building an internal team to support your company’s initiatives or an external team to supplement your capacity.


CREATIVE JUICE TRACK | Misty Harding & Jenn Fairbanks

The Periodic Table of Instructional Design: 10 Transformational Elements to Take your Project to the Next Level

Whether you haven’t seen or just want to know more about eLB’s Period Table of Instructional Design (for eLearning Projects), come join us as we explore 10 of our favorite transformational “elements” from the table – the 10 we think make the biggest difference in project success. We’ll talk about each of those elements more in depth and provide case examples. Attendees will also walk away with a printed copy of the detailed descriptions for all 39 elements, a few inspirational templates and checklists, and one lucky person will have a chance to win a full size 20x30, full color copy of the Periodic Table of Instructional Design poster!



Marrying Game Play & Instructional Design to Optimize Learning

In this session the audience will learn how to marry game mechanics and instructional design to increase learner engagement, drive higher retention rates, and improve overall learning outcomes. We will focus on 6 fun and effective game mechanics (Identification, Memorization, Consequences, Strategy, Exploration, and Simulation) that can successfully train brains. We will also get out of our seats and play four competitive / collaborative games. We’ll get our game on and collect prizes along the way.

2:10 PM



Successful Outsourcing: 7 Attributes to Demand from Your Vendor

What we do is very hard. There’s no question about it. No two projects look the same. No two clients have the same needs. So identifying a perfect partner who fits each unique need and has the capability of producing a long-term trusted relationship is a foremost challenge in any business and for any individual who has been asked to make this choice.

In any business, you don’t often get a second chance. A bad selection can be very costly because business is disrupted. Without effective training, product doesn’t roll out on time, the sales force isn’t prepared, compliance rules are violated, new employees are not trained to do their jobs, systems don’t roll out on schedule, major projects and changes are not implemented, and the list goes on. The shake-out of a bad outsourcing relationship often involves the personal risk to the careers of those who made the selection.

In this session we’ll use a series of case studies to explore the seven attributes you should demand from your vendors. These are the guiding principles that will help ensure you’ve selected the best partner for your needs and produce a relationship that is successful for both you and your vendor.


CREATIVE JUICE TRACK  |  Nic Brown & Bill Milstid

Achieving Vector Awesomeness

Working with vectors can be intimidating. Especially if you don’t have the skill level and professional software to adequately create and edit vector graphics and illustrations. But, that’s about to change now that some of the top-used presenter and eLearning authoring tools (such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Articulate Storyline) support vector files and retain their qualities. Let us show you how to easily import and manipulate vector graphics, discuss the importance of using vector graphics, as well as touch base on some best practices for the more advanced designer creating their own content for presentations and eLearning.



Making AWESOME technology solutions using Design Thinking

Many of us are dealing with designing solutions with emerging and stable technology, but do we make things that are both awesome and useful to our end users? In this practical and hands on session we will dig into the concept of Design Thinking (DT). DT is a set of creative techniques to balance technical feasibility, business viability and user desirability. Using DT derisks solution design and increases the value of the ultimate solution for the business and the end users. We will delve into a number of design thinking techniques that you can apply to developing solutions that range from learning ecosystems to e-learning. You will get hands on experience playing with the tools and also receive a pack of tools you can start to apply tomorrow!


3:20 PM



Talent Development Strategies for the Digital Age

The digital economy is creating change at an unprecedented and accelerating rate. Learning and talent development professionals need to adapt to support our organizations and people through this transformation. In this fast-paced session, we’ll discuss key strategies for becoming indispensable enablers of learning and performance that can help your organization thrive. You’ll get strategies from cognitive science, the science of complex adaptive systems, and the forefront of technology that you can use to create learning and performance ecosystems that adapt and grow to get results.



Blend Learning Like a Rockstar

Organizations blend eLearning and classroom training to address a wide range of needs. Blending may be used to address the logistics of having learners split between onsite and remote locations. Sometimes the decision to blend is driven by available learning materials in your course catalog. Join this session by eLB Senior Product Manager Chris Willis to explore a creative and flexible Blended Learning Design Framework you can bring back to your organization. Learn how to use the model to keep learner needs as your top consideration but still address training logistics and costs. See how adding eLearning Brothers Customizable Courseware titles can help you build on the training you already have to create a Rockstar blended learning curriculum.



From Immersion to Presence: How AR and VR Will Revolutionize Your Learning

In this session, you will learn: How repeated movements in virtual and augmented reality causes changes in brain structure, which in turn improve performance in the real world. How a large number of enterprise-scale organizations have already demonstrated dramatic performance improvements with VR learning. How to leverage the cost of developing for VR and AR by deploying the same simulation to any flat-screen device, including desktops, tablets, and phones. How to develop VR and AR learning programs, along with typical timelines and budgets. How to make the business case for virtual and augmented reality learning.



4:30 – 5:15 PM Wrap Up

Andrew Scivally and Curtis Morley wrap up the sessions before dinner and evening entertainment.


6:00 – 8:00 PM Luau & Sean the Mentalist

Finish out eLBX with live music, delicious dinner, and hilarious, mind-blowing entertainment.


eLBX User Con 1-Day Pass: $199

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