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Even with our vast and ever growing Cutout People Library, we know that you might want something even more specific: your company uniform, a unique prop, or that exact pose. We’re happy to help by offering Custom Cutout People.

Standard Set

Includes 60 poses per model.

Premium Set

Includes 144 poses per model.

Custom Poses

Need an exact point or gesture? Just let us know.

Searchable Cutouts

We’ll keyword your images so that you can search by specific attributes.

Your Brand Clothing

Send us your uniforms, or specific outfits.

Custom Props

If you have a special item that needs to be in the shoot, we can work with that.
Call us for pricing! 801.796.BROS (2767)

Pick from over 10 on-call models. With eLearning Brothers Custom Cutout People, you’ll build a collection of cutout people that are branded to your specific needs.

Standard Set

In the Standard Set you will receive 60 cutout people poses ranging from handshakes to excited fist pumps!

Premium Set

In the Premium Set you will receive 144 cutout people poses that deeply expand on the 60 poses found in the Standard set.

Here is How the Process Works

Call us for pricing! 801.796.BROS (2767)

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