Calling Stock Photography Models

Here Are The Deets:

We are adding to our already-massive and ever-growing library of cutout people characters. These images are part of our product offering that enables eLearning developers and professional presenters to add personality and personalization to their content.

Who do we want?

We are seeking adults ages 18 – 50 to participate in a photoshoot on Wednesday, December 21st. We need some totally awesome people who aren’t afraid to show off in front of a camera.

What do you get?

We are offering $50 for approximately three hours of your time (does not include travel time to studio).

The photoshoot will include two wardrobe changes that models are required to bring themselves (see examples below).

  1. One athletic wardrobe appropriate for all three of the following sports:  basketball, soccer, and boxing/kickboxing. We will be using props for all three (props, such as, balls, hand wraps, etc., will be provided). No uniforms. No logos.
  1. One wardrobe consistent with a typical construction worker (worn jeans, work boots, sturdy jacket/hoodie). No logos. Other wardrobe pieces and props will be provided (e.g., gloves, shovel, toolbelt, etc.)

Examples of Athletic  wardrobe (more HERE »)

9217738-web-jeremy1 183963-web-aubrey1          26505-web-tyler

Examples of construction worker wardrobe (more HERE »)

25190-web-aiden1 24275-web-pam1         


When is the shoot?

Wednesday, December 21st. Available time slots are:




We have seven slots throughout the day.

Where is the shoot?

Studio in Draper (you will be provided address upon confirmation).

What to wear:

If you are selected, please come prepared to dress for BOTH WARDROBE CHANGES. We will provide props such as vests, gloves, and hard hats. Absolutely no visible logos can be included on shoes or shorts. If you are unsure what to wear, please bring multiple options for the photographer to choose from. You will have time to change before each shoot. Female models should come prepared to put up their hair for the Athletic shoot (i.e., bring hair-tie, headband, etc.). A professional makeup artist will prep you for your shoot. Please come without any makeup on to the shoot.

How do I start?

Please become familiar with the poses provided in the examples above. One you have done so, please email Andrew Townsend ( with:

  • name
  • phone number
  • preferred time slot
  • a photo of yourself

Please use the subject line “DECEMBER CUTOUT PEOPLE CASTING CALL”.

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the eLearning Brothers Cutout People Library. Get practicing your faces! We look forward to working with you.

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