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Customizable Courseware Frequently Asked Questions

How does licensing work?

Customers get a lifetime license to use the content internally as they see fit. They can add to, remove from, and create derivatives of the content.

What formats are the courses available in?
    1. Online course content: Storyline (.story), Lectora (.awt), and Captivate (.cptx)
    2. Classroom course content: PowerPoint and Word
What versions of Captivate, Storyline and Lectora are covered?

The Professional Soft Skill Library was built in: Captivate 9, Lectora Inspire 16, and Storyline 2.

Will this courseware work with my LMS?

Yes. Each course can be exported to a SCORM compatible format to work with any SCORM-compliant LMS.

Will you be making any changes to the courses as time goes on? Are they included in my license?

Yes. We will update the courses over time. Updates may include new course content, updated courses for new authoring tool versions, bug fixes, visual updates, etc. You get all updates that are released during your paid licensing term.

Can I resell these courses? What if I change them first?

No. If you’d like to be a reseller, please contact us.

What languages are available? Do additional languages come with my license?

New languages are being added over time and are available at an additional cost. Please refer to our website for available languages. Contact us if you are interested in a language not currently available.

What files come with each course?

When you purchase a course you get all files that have been created for that course and others that are released in the future. (In the same language that you purchased.) Courses can include Storyline (.story), Lectora (.awt), Captivate (.cptx) and classroom course content. Not all courses included all of these files. View our course catalog to see which files are included in each course.

How do I load a course into my LMS? And which file(s) do I download?

You can publish files from your authoring tool with the settings needed for your LMS. We also include published files in each course download for SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and xAPI (TinCan).

Do I have to buy the full library or can I buy an individual course?

You can purchase either a single course or the full library.

Can I preview the content?

Yes. The Professional Soft Skills courses can be previewed here. You can also contact us for a demo of specific course titles.

What sizes are the eLearning courses?

Each tool’s desktop stage size is as follows:
Captivate: 1024 x 732 px
Lectora: 1009 x 695 px
Storyline: 720 x 645

Captivate and Lectora have both been developed using responsive design and are mobile ready.

Do you offer an LMS if we don’t have one?

No, but we have various partners who have tested our courses to ensure they run properly in their LMS. Please contact us and we can share some options.

How do I download the files?

Once you purchase a license, you will be given access to our download website where you can preview and download files.

Where can I find the licensing agreement?
Do I need a separate contract to purchase a Customizable Courseware License?

No. The Customizable Courseware™ License Agreement covers all the terms needed for your license.

How many people in my organization can take the courses?

Unlimited users within your company can take the course.

Will eLearning Brothers print the classroom material for me?

We are looking into this option for the future, but have no further information to share at this time.

I don’t have a team. Can eLearning Brothers do the customization for me?

Yes, eLearning Brothers will be happy to customize them for you. Contact us for pricing.

Are the courses compatible with all the other amazing eLearning Brothers templates?

Yes! The best bang for your buck is getting a Customizable Courseware™ library with a template subscription to be able to enhance your courses even further.

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