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Effective eLearning grabs your learners’ attention and engages them from start to finish.

Whether it’s helping frame your learning strategy, building an entire curriculum, or converting existing training, we’ll be your extra set of hands in creating custom eLearning that ROCKS!


Thorough needs analysis


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Innovative uses of technology


Expert instructional design


Learner-driven delivery


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Solve Your Training Challenges With Us

Onboarding Training

Speed up time to proficiency and increase retention rates with engaging onboarding training that also reflects your company culture and processes.

For our healthcare client, we crafted a decision-making, scenario-based training with board game elements such as dice, game tokens, and victory points.

To add to the board game feeling, the training includes randomized Twist of Fate cards that feature different protocol violations.

Compliance Training

Who says compliance training has to be boring? Create engaging learning that still checks all the boxes. We have a strong track record of building mandatory training that learners are actually excited to take!

This anti-money laundering course puts the learner in the shoes of an intelligence agent, tracking down nefarious criminals and identifying signs of money laundering.

Interactive knowledge checks like this criminal activity dossier continue to draw the learner into the story while reinforcing the learning objectives.

Soft Skills Training

Researchers from Boston College, Harvard University, and the University of Michigan found that soft skills training boosts productivity and retention 12% and delivers a 250% return on investment. We can help you target the soft skills your learners need for success.

The learner dashboard includes a visualization of the chapter house and navigation to other sections of the course.

A video-based interaction lets learners think more deeply about perception versus reality when it comes to drugs.

Sales Training

Turn all your salespeople into your BEST salespeople with sales training customized to your products and industry. Incorporate realistic scenarios, engaging interactions, and more to deliver learning content that helps your team increase sales.

A click to reveal interaction provides a more interesting way to display information about a step-by-step process.

Instead of plain text or bullet points, this drag and drop interaction reinforces and summarizes learning content in a more engaging presentation.

Industries We Help

  • Healthcare
  • Financial
  • Technology
  • Energy/Utilities
  • Government
  • Business Services

Learning Modes

  • Games, Simulations, & VR
  • Mobile Learning
  • Video & Animation
  • Instructor-led and Virtual Instructor-led
  • Traditional eLearning Courses
  • Microlearning

5 Reasons to Work With Us

In addition to our stunning good looks and dad jokes, we provide:

  1. Proven Process
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  3. Experienced Experts
  4. Award-winning & Innovative
  5. True Partners

Let Us Build Awesome Training for You

MetaMythic’s story immerses learners in a story that connects them with the importance of the CIP Standards—protecting America’s utility infrastructure—by giving a face to the threat (a robot invasion from outer space) and creating a fun learning environment.

Animated company info video created for an auto dealership financial services company. The elevator door slides open to reveal a surprising scene on each floor—a different metaphor for each department.

An interactive scenario plays out a conference call in which team members make very common statements that demonstrate bias. The learner is then asked to identify the type of bias displayed.

We put learners in the driver’s seat for an interactive course on the history of important company products for an auto dealership financial services company.

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Solve Your Training Challenges With Us

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