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Your Solution for the End of Flash

Adobe® Flash will officially become unsupported in 2020.

While considered a boon for the industry as a whole, this move has many eLearning professionals wondering:

“Where will that leave my eLearning curriculum when Flash burns out?”

That’s why eLearning Brothers has developed a product that won’t leave you in the dark.

Flash Finder™ essentially acts as your own personal assistant by sifting through the years and years of courses on your LMS to identify any Flash-related files that will no longer work.

Our solution can save you hours and hours of menial searching, allowing you to focus on more important things.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Activate Flash Finder

When you are ready, Flash Finder can access your LMS either via FTP or your LMS’s API.

Step 2: Flash Finder Searches

Flash Finder will then search all course folders for Flash files and relevant metadata.

Step 3: Flash Identified

Depending on your LMS, Flash Finder can identify when the courses were originally uploaded, who uploaded them, course ID numbers, the last time the courses were accessed, the authoring tool they were created with, and more.

Step 4: Report Generated

By initiating this robust automated process, Flash Finder is able to process hundreds of courses at once while our custom logic compiles the results in an easy-to-understand report.

Fact-Based, Fully-Informed Decisions

The detailed reports generated by Flash Finder are the tools you need to make decisions as to how to handle any Flash files that may be lurking in your LMS. Depending on your LMS, Flash Finder can identify:

WHEN files were uploaded

WHO uploaded the files

COURSE ID numbers

The last time the course was ACCESSED

The AUTHORING TOOL they were created in



Once you have your report, our dedicated team of in-house eLearning professionals will work with you to create a plan to update and convert your content to HTML5.

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Don’t let obsolete software catch you or your learners by surprise next year. Let Flash Finder illuminate you with the info you need to move forward when Flash goes dark.

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