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Trading Day

A Re-usable Game for Policy Training


Coca-Cola’s traveling representatives for the trading team needed a way to constantly refresh themselves on existing and new legal policies in order to do their job right. But how could Coca-Cola train their representatives who were always travelling, and who didn’t want to take time to review boring legalese, old or new?


eLearning Brothers partnered with Coca-Cola to create a learning game solution called Trading Day. This solution challenged the representatives to drive sales in “New Town” by securing 4 new business outlets by the end of the trading day. In order to do so, they had to converse with the owner of each outlet and answer their legal questions correctly. If they couldn’t answer 3 out of 4 of the legal questions correctly, the outlet would decide to go with a competitor. They had the option to consult the legal team at any time. The solution was designed to encourage mastery – if the outlet went to a competitor, they couldn’t revisit it. This encouraged learners to carefully review the legal material and apply it the first time, lest they ended up having to retake the entire challenge.

This solution was also created to be modifiable by Coca-Cola. Our engagement with them included not only developing this re-usable tool, but training them on how to use it so that it could be constantly repurposed.


Horizon Interactive Awards 2019 Silver (x3)
Training / E-Learning

Horizon Interactive Awards 2019 Silver
Instructional Video

2019 Training Magazine Network Choice Awards
Custom Content/Program Development

Brandon Hall Group 2019
Gold in Talent Acquisition

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