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Elemental Selling

A Showcase of Captivate 9


We are so very pleased each time our partners at Adobe invite us to collaborate with them to showcase what their new versions of the Adobe Captivate tool can offer to customers. Our experience in designing the demo course for the Captivate 9 release in 2015 was no different. The challenge? To come up with a sales-based course concept and associated content that would allow a course design that could showcase the best of what the tool had to offer and all its new features. Challenge accepted.

I was thrilled with the work eLearning Brothers did on our project. They took a great deal of time to carefully listen to my goals for the project and to propose a direction that provided me with useful options. They were imaginative and responsive to the project requirements.


We crafted a futuristic product that would be fun to sell: Virtual Vacation Rooms. Think “Holodeck” from Star Trek, but for the suburban residence.

The next task? Ensuring the sales force is prepared to sell the new product at the conference by fine-tuning their lead qualification skills. The course presents them with the concepts of “Elemental Selling” (a fictitious personality profiling and lead qualification model).

The learner starts small, in a scaffolded design, to apply the basic concepts of the personality model through mini-games.

After mastering the personalities, the learner is presented with a funneling model that allows them to expertly qualify leads (via motion graphic video).

Then, they practice what they’ve learned via a mini game.

At the conclusion of this game, the learner is ready to put both concepts into practice: the personality model, and the funneling tool.

And finally, the learner is ready to put it all together in the Trade Show Challenge: a 15 minute timed simulation where they qualify three different leads at the trade show.


Horizon Interactive Awards 2019 Silver (x3)
Training / E-Learning

Horizon Interactive Awards 2019 Silver
Instructional Video

2019 Training Magazine Network Choice Awards
Custom Content/Program Development

Brandon Hall Group 2019
Gold in Talent Acquisition

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