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Brand Guide

eLB Corporate Identity & Brand Guide

Catalog & Product Marketing Sheets

2017 – 2018 Catalog

eLB Master Suite

Asset Library Package

Asset Library Package + Medical

Custom Cutout Characters

Templates & Assets ROI

The Training Arcade™

eLearning Development Spectrum

CC: Safety Training

CC: Griffin Hill Sales System™

CC: Professional Soft Skills

CC: Return On Investment

CC: Full Catalog List

Individual Customizable Courseware One Sheets

Safety Training

Fire Prevention and Safety

Forklift Training

HazCom: Your Right to Understand

Machine Guards

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Stairways and Ladders

Sales Training

Leverage the Science of Sales Success

Kickstart Your Pipeline

Pitch Like a Pro

Build Benefits Your Buyer Buy

Schedule the Next Event

Uncover Needs and Goals Together

Sell the Solution

Solidify Commitment

Close Difficult Deals

Identify True Buyer Objections

Manage Objections Gracefully

Professional Soft Skills Training

Business Ethics

Coaching Others

Communicating Effectively

Conflict Resolution

Creative Problem Solving

Customer Service

Handling A Difficult Customer

Interpersonal Skills

Meeting Management

Negotiation Skills

Presentation Skills

Stress Management

Time Management

Work-Life Balance

Workplace Harassment

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