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Word on the Street: A Time and a Place for eLearning

In a fast-paced world that constantly demands new and better things to make our lives easier and more efficient, we have found ourselves in the heart of an interesting conundrum. When it comes to learning—both in a classroom and at a desk—is new technology (or even not-so-new technology) always the answer?

Now I am in no way saying that we should not be forward thinking. Instead, I want to explore with you some of the opinions that are being shared publicly on the topic, and hopefully get a bit of feedback from you. Where do you think eLearning belongs, and how can technology help—and possibly hinder—your training/teaching?

Let’s not skirt this fact: technology is cool. Using technology is a great way to keep your learners engaged, especially younger learners. As you can see in this tweet, kids get enthusiastic when using this medium. It’s good to know some best practices for using this technology with this generation so I’d suggest you take a look at the link in the tweet for their suggestions.

Does this mean we can just throw technology at education and assume it’s going to work? Of course not. Strategy is important!

To be clear, we here at eLearning Brothers do not believe that technology can replace a teacher or trainer. In fact, our Customizable Courseware includes instructor-led training (ILT) support materials. An interesting take on the importance of an instructor and lectures was given in The Atlantic back in 2013. It’s worth a read:

Don’t Give Up on the Lecture (The Atlantic)

So, we’ve established that there is indeed a time and a place for eLearning in education. But a large argument against eLearning in training is that it does not keep people engaged. What causes that lack of engagement? We’ve all seen examples of training that doesn’t look good, or doesn’t provide the in-depth and comprehensive learning experience that may be required.

So many people have come to expect extremely poor eLearning in the workplace that there is an (unfortunate) hashtag called #IHateTraining that was brought to light by Angel Green at this year’s eLBX. The importance of quality in our eLearning should be at the top of our priority list!

Here at eLearning Brothers, we’ve taken this to heart! We do not believe in boring eLearning! That’s why we provide the world’s largest library of professionally designed templates, cutout people, and killer assets to help you create awesomeness. We want eLearning that ROCKS! That makes your learners excited for AWESOMENESS and EXPLOSIVE experiences! We also provide custom eLearning development if you don’t have the time or staff to create your own content. Here is an example of one of the most exciting eLearning experiences we’ve provided for a little company called PayPal.

From the DevLearn eLearning Rockstars Stage: eLearning Innovation at PayPal

Keep in mind that in order to have great eLearning, you do not always have to use the most cutting-edge technology! It is so much better to have high quality courses that were developed in an older and proven tool than in a brand new one that you don’t fully understand.

Remember that the bottom line is to have your learners walk away from the training feeling more prepared for what’s headed their way. As Dr. Allen said, the most unaffordable instruction is instruction that doesn’t work.

So make sure that it works. Make sure that it is worth it.


And get to know your technologies, arm yourself appropriately.

So get using eLearning right with high quality templates in your tool belt.


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