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VR in Education Blog

It seems that everywhere you go you’re hearing about AR/VR in education. This includes using a cell phone or tablet to present a cool augmented reality as seen in Pokemon Go, or putting on a sort of headset like the Oculus Rift to give a full virtual experience.

We were curious to see how the world was already using this technology in education, or how they were planning on adapting. So we took to the streets (of Twitter and LinkedIn) and have collected some of the coolest thoughts on the subject.

This new thinking of learning based around VR probably won’t come too easy. To help us think through the transition, we made sure to connect with our friend Dr. Anders Gronstedt. He and his company the Gronstedt Group have been building training games and simulations using VR and AR for quite some time now. We brought Dr. Gronstedt to eLBX too.

For a super cool peek into the kind of work Dr. Gronstedt does, check out this project they did for the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute. There are other really cool and high-profile projects that are being moved into the VR world as well.

So that is how companies are using AR/VR to train their employees and to improve retention of that training. But it works great in other aspects as well.

Google is even making VR experiences very easy to manage. Check out their Tour Creator here.

And lots of industries are jumping to use these technologies in their training. Like this really cool healthcare application, the medical industry is ready to dive into it.


Wouldn’t it be cool if kids learned science through AR/VR? There’s a really cool educational app called The Big Table that will likely be popping up all over the place. We can take people places they’d never otherwise get to as well.


eLearning Brothers isn’t shying away from virtual reality, either. Marty Rosenheck, our director of talent development consulting, presented on virtual reality training at this year’s Realities 360 conference.

Have you implemented VR or AR in your training yet? Let us know in the comments below!


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