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Winterize Your eLearning With These Templates

You probably already know that many of us at eLearning Brothers are pretty big runners. But did you also know we love skiing and other winter sports? Yup, it’s pretty much required when you live in Utah. In celebration of winter, we picked out a few templates that will help you embrace the chill in the air.

First up is the aptly named Camtasia template, Blue Mountain. Choose from different title, subhead, caption, and transition templates. 

Blue Mountain Camtasia Template

Next, celebrate the winter blues with this new Storyline Starter Style, Flat Blue. We have a ton of different interactions and page designs created for Flat Blue—everything you need to create a cohesive course!

Flat Blue Storyline Template

If you live in a region that doesn’t get a lot of sun in the winter, the colors in this Lectora scenario are sure to brighten your day! Pops of lime green give an aqua background just enough zest to keep the gloom away.

Cool Lectora template

The Classy template for Captivate features a mountain background and blue colors. Use Classy to add a subtle seasonal edge without going overboard.

Classy Captivate template

We also have a plethora of winter—and general weather—icons in the Icon Library. Here are few ice and snow icons:

Winter might be cold, but it sure is beautiful! And the best thing about winter-themed eLearning? You can take it from your toasty warm house! We’ll raise a glass (of hot chocolate) to that! Check out the rest of our wintery templates in the Template Library now.


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