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With the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving weekend settling down, a new season approaches: winter. As the last leaves fall to the ground and the snow begins to drift, we bundle up indoors with a warm blanket and a cup of hot cocoa. When we aren’t retreating to the warmth of our homes, we’re stepping into the frozen wonderland, taking in the pristine white landscape.

Now you can take the soft color scheme of winter indoors with this wonderfully crisp, winter-like PowerPoint eLearning Template.

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With cool blues, grays, and whites, and a sharp geometric design, this template is a perfect abstract representation of the snow and ice of the season. This template has over 100 pre-made slides spanning several different layouts, such as text boxes, flow charts, and diagrams of all sorts.
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Mix and match to create an interesting and unique presentation that captures your audience with a layout that is equal parts simple, clean, and quaint. With a little tinkering, you too can create something that effectively conveys your information with class and styleScreenshot 2015-11-30 12.31.34If you liked this one, you’ll love our other PowerPoint eLearning Templates. Sign up with us today to gain access to the best and brightest templates this side of the internet!

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