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lectora game show templates

Our popular Game Show template has received a makeover for Lectora! Along with the classic version of the template, Game Show now also fits seamlessly into the “Scratch” theme of templates, bringing a modern touch to an old favorite.

Gameshow  Lectora Game

The original template is dark blue with touches of yellow and gleaming lens flares, and a main font bringing to mind the inspiration for this template, the classic game show Jeopardy.

The new Game Show template opens with jazzy brass music, reminiscent of Elton John’s oeuvre, or more appropriately, a 1980s game show, such as Jeopardy. It has a smooth blue background with subtle marbling, contrasted with sleek metallic lettering and modern elements. Notice the clean beveled edges of each element, coupled with the soft and playful typeface used throughout.
Gameshow Scratch  Lectora Game

As always, learners select a point value from a category of their choice, answering multiple choice, multiple response, and true/false questions. For every correct answer, learners earn the corresponding amount of points and that value will be colored green. Incorrect answers receive no points and are colored red.

Gameshow Scratch  Lectora Game2

Game Show can be used by individual learners as a self-contained module but is also popular as a large-group classroom game. An instructor can lead a training group in taking turns answering questions about the class they just completed.

Gameshow Scratch  Lectora Game1

This re-skin allows learners to learn quiz in style, with a familiar Lectora quiz game seemingly chiseled out of marble.

For these and more of our excellent games, quizzes, and templates, check the Lectora template library today and download something that will bring big wins to your next eLearning course.

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