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Medical Stock Images

Have you heard the big announcement of eLearning Medical Stock Images? One word, awesome! That is why you should upgrade your current eLearning Brothers membership to the Medical Edition package. Now, 3D renderings of Medical Stock Images are available for $1299, and a discount is available for current members. Call us for discount by calling us at 801-796-2767. You can’t find these images anywhere else for this price, so give us a call.

Still don’t know if you should upgrade? Let me tell you three reasons why you should upgrade your current eLearning Brothers membership to the Medical Edition package:

1. Boost Your Quality of eLearning for a Fraction of the Price

The new Medical Stock Images are so high quality that most eLearning developers can’t tell if these images are real or not. Just think about your learners, and how much they would appreciate learning with high quality medical images. So, give your eLearning courses a boost by upgrading to Medical Stock Images for the fraction of the price.

2. Use Medical Images for Nearly Every Medical Industry

Do you have hard to find medical images in your industry? Look no further. These images are great for nearly every medical industries: hospitals, pharmaceuticals, medical device and diagnostic companies, medical universities, medical clinics, elderly care, government health, etc.

3. Get 3D Rendered Medical Images at Multiple Angles and Environments

Do you need images of the brain, lungs, or heart? We have all those images and much more. What about background images of doctor offices, waiting rooms, or operating rooms? We have those too. What a medical devices, medical instruments, aor medical equipment? Yes, we have those! With access to the Medical Edition library, you get medical images ready to import into your eLearning courses. That is why you should call us to upgrade. Don’t hesitate, upgrade by calling us at 801-796-2767.


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