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Branching Scenarios

In many different subjects, nothing drives the point home quite as well as a real life branching scenario for the learner to sink their teeth into. More than just a simple interaction, a branching scenario is able to thrust a learner into adaptable, hypothetical situations and explore the vast array of options they might have in such a state of affairs. But what exactly is it about these multifaceted scenarios that work so well in an eLearning course?

Higher Engagement

Branching scenarios are great for increasing the level of engagement in the course. When the learner actually needs to make decisions in the course, they evolve from being merely a passive observer to an active participant in their own education.

Easy to Modify

Though a branching scenario may require a bit of logical thinking in order to assemble, once it’s there, any modifications are relatively simple. Building these scenarios is like taking care of a sapling, watering it, and nursing it until you eventually have yourself a strong, beautiful tree. With modification comes the pruning: chopping off the uglier, less necessary branches and accentuating the strong ones.

Failure is Safe

Since the stakes are lower in a scenario or simulation, learners are able to have more peace of mind and less mental and emotional pressure, resulting in better focus.

Think about it. When would you rather have an airline pilot mess up? While he is at the helm of a jet plane, or sitting in a simulator?

Learning from Failure

“It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”

-Bill Gates

Many people view failure as the end of progress, when they should be viewing it as a stepping stone towards success. In many ways, branching scenarios can provide a somewhat lifelike opportunity to look at the reasons for our failed efforts and suggest ways we can improve in the future.

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